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Speaking consists of questions to check your ability for everyday conversation

In PTE Test, speaking is the first section during the exam. It tests your ability to speak fluently with proper pronunciation and oral fluency. In PTE speaking there are 5 different question types that test your skills of English.


Pattern of Questions

Read Aloud
  • To enable you to read the text aloud with appropriate intonation and pronunciation, it examines both your reading and speaking skills. Rehearse a few times before the exam, to maintain reading speed and also speaking fluency. Read more
  • up to 60 words

    Prompt length

    40 Seconds

    Time to answer


    No. of questions

    Required Skills for PTE Speaking


    Maintain the intonation and emphasize each syllable to make the speech effective.

    Better comprehension

    Organize the main points from the picture form for better understanding.


    Use appropriate grammar and pronunciation to understand the native speaker.


    Speaking in normal and audible tone will increase your oral fluency


    Able to pronounce correct words and phrases to make sentences correct and clearly.

    Better structure

    Organizing the ideas in proper structure and format.

    Expert tips for PTE Speaking

    • Try to utilize the erasable note book to take down point.
    • Utilize the countdown time for preparation.
    • Improve your daily conversation in English.
    • Practice in noisy background to get use to real environment