Part-1 (Speaking) consists of questions to check your ability for everyday conversation hence; it would not be advanced English. It is just to test your verbal skills in an academic environment.

This includes your Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture, Answer Short Question.

For example, in Read Aloud, a text of around 60 words will appear on your screen, you will be given approx. 35 seconds to go through the given text, as the timer begins you are supposed to respond, i.e., speak in a native manner, with clear-cut meaningful sentences. You can pause to represent punctuation to gain points; don’t forget to be active with a microphone as a pause for more than 3 seconds will disable your microphone.


Required Skills for PTE Speaking



Maintaining your intonation and stressing on each syllable for an effective speech.



Ability to produce correct words and appropriate phrases at right time to make your sentences worth receiving.



Intelligible discourse with natives using adequate grammar and pronunciation.



Speaking complex ideas with fluency and in a logical way.


Better comprehension

Organizing points from a pictorial form for better comprehension.


Better structure

Supporting an opinion with explanations, details, and examples.

Pattern of Questions

Lets here it from the students who were helped by our platform.

Read Aloud

For Read aloud question, the text will be provided and the student will have to read it out loud and clear with proper pronunciation and intonation. 

Also, use correct stress at proper punctuation with a natural rate will yield you maximum marks. The task should be completed within given time frame. Read more

Expert Tips to pass PTE Speaking Section

Use erasable note pad for making rough notes
Rehearsal will recuperate your confidence
Regular conversation will give native accent
Try to practice in a noisy background to improve your comprehending skills.
Expert Tips to pass PTE Speaking Section