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How To Crack PTE Retell Lecture In PTE Exam?

The retell lecture comes under the speaking task during the PTE academic exam. This question type will test your listening as well as PTE speaking skills. The majority of students find this task hard, as this test your overall speaking skills and promptness to respond to the lecture within 10 seconds. This also requires good listening skills to score high in retell lecture.

PTE Retell Lecture Task Assessment:

In this task after  PTE listening or watching the video, re-tell the lecture in your own words. The audio length will be up to 90 seconds and you will get 40 seconds to answer in your own words. The 10 seconds is given to prepare before the recorder starts. You must speak for at least 38 seconds and complete your answer with key highlights from the lecture. You must finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. Do remember that if you are silent for more then 3 seconds, the recorder will stop recording your voice.

Score Assessment for PTE Retell Lecture:

The PTE academic will judge your response on how well you have given the answer and covered all the key points. The scores of PTE retell-lecture are based on three criteria:

  1. Content
  2. Oral Fluency (Enabling Skills)
  3. Pronunciation (Enabling Skills)


In content, it is determined whether you have covered key points and show relationships between things and include implications and conclusions. Try to include numbers, dates, or important points, which speaker stress during the lecture. Mentioning a few disjointed ideas will negatively affect your score.

Oral Fluency:

Oral fluency is scored by determining if your rhythm, phrasing, and stress are smooth. The best responses are spoken at a constant and natural rate of speech with appropriate phrasing. Hesitations, repetitions, and false starts will negatively affect your score. This will also contribute to your Enabling skills. Avoid umming and uurring during the response. (Source: Pearson Site).


According to Pearson, Pronunciation is the judge based on how well your speech is understood by the Native Speakers. The vowels and the stressing on the words should be at appropriate words. You will get a maximum of 5 points if your pronunciation is like native speakers. Don’t try to mimic the accent of other native speakers. Try to speak in a natural tone and respond to the lecture.

Tips to Improve PTE Retell Lecture Score:

Before the audio starts playing, pay close attention to the given picture so you will get an idea about the lecture theme. Be prepared with keywords related to the picture, which will come handy when you start responding to the question.

Jot Down the Important Points:

You will be given the erasable board and marker to note down important points for the Re-tell lecture. As the audio plays, try to write as much information as you can. If possible, jot down dates, places, and numbers which are important to increase the score of content. You can also use the symbol to remember. E.g., use down arrow to show the decrease in quantity, use initially for the long words. Practice noting down by listening to the videos available on YouTube.


Template to Organize Your Thoughts:

To speak clearly and up to the point, you must be ready with the template. The template will help you to achieve the maximum marks and avoid any mistakes on the exam day. You just need to add the points which you noted down while the audio was playing. You can follow the given template which is effective in getting you 79+ in the PTE-A exam.

  • The speaker was discussing …… (the topic).
  • He/she added… (Key point 1)
  • He/she mentioned… (Key Point 2)
  • He/she discussed… (Key point 3)
  • Finally, He/she suggested that… (Last Key Point 4)

The important thing that should be kept in mind before using this template is grammar. Use appropriate filters and proper sentence structure, otherwise, it will turn disaster if you follow the template. So, be aware and avoid blindly following the templates available online. The other thing you can do to improve the score for PTE Retell lecture is by giving the real-time PTE practice tests. These practice tests will help you to give the environment and platform to improve your score tremendously. PTE mock tests available at will give you the evaluation of your mock test and boost your score. Just sign up to get the PTE mock test for free.

Key Highlights:

  1. Try to understand the question types and build the techniques.
  2. Include the key points, which will increase your score for the content.
  3. Improve your pronunciation to get higher marks for enabling skills.
  4. Oral Fluency which will be the key factor. Speak at a normal pace and avoid repeating the words.
  5. Note down the key points while the audio is playing.
  6. Prepare the techniques using the templates.
  7. Practice with real-time mock tests available at to achieve your desired scores.
  8. Be ready with lots of practice with various techniques which are developed by giving the free PTE mock test.

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