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How to Improve Scores for PTE Answer Short Question

The worst mistake that any PTE aspirant will make is not to consider the PTE Answer Short Question. As they don’t seem very complex, people don’t bother to stress much on them. But, this can lower down the overall score and you can miss a chance to grab a lifetime opportunity.

If you don’t want to face all of this, pay attention to our expert’s tips on PTE Answer Short question score an “A”.

Know what you’re going to deal with

You can’t hope to conquer something unless you’re not aware of what you’re dealing with. The same is true in the PTE exam case. Before dreaming of scoring anything above 79 and have a bright future, you must understand the exam pattern.

There would be around 5-6 Answer Short Question type questions in the exam and contributes towards your PTE Speaking and Listening section score. The answer should be short and crisp as they intended to assess your speaking and listening skills. To answer each question, you have three seconds. Between three seconds if you are not uttering any word, the recorder will stop and you will get zero marks for that question.

The questions are based on diverse general knowledge topics and don’t testify your expertise on a particular subject. There are no negative marking for a wrong answer.

The Success Key

The key to success in this PTE Answer Short Question is simple. Here is what you should do:

  • Do one thing at a time

To answer this type of question, a video or audio would be played for a short time, and then the candidate has to answer the question. If you want to nail the questions, try to focus one thing at a time. First, listen carefully and then put the focus on the answer. 

  • Talk straight

You have word limits. Save your comprehensive skills for another section. Here, you need to talk to the point. Try to cover the essential knowledge and give a short and crisp answer. An insightful answer to 1-2 words is enough.

  • Don’t waste time

Time is crucial everywhere and PTE is no exception. To attempt all the questions, try to answer the question as soon as you hear the audio ends and you hear a chime sound.

  • Don’t overlook PTE mock test

To master any skill, you need to practice a lot. This is why you must never underestimate the power of the free PTE mock test. These tests are designed to polish the learning and subject knowledge of the candidate.

As the PTE mock tests at follow the pattern of the actual PTE exam, they will help you become familiar with tons of things. For instance, you’ll have a better understanding of question types; you will learn time management skills, and so on.

The more you’ll practice with them, the more polished would be your performance. Free PTE practice tests allow you to improve your performance in the final exam and score better.


With the right strategy, nothing is tough. Try implementing the above-mentioned tips and you’ll perform better in the PTE Answer Short Question section.


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