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Aspirants have to either read some text or hear an audio to answer accordingly

Total time for this portion will be approx. 30-43 minutes. Make sure to have a good command on grammar, vocab, spelling, content making and formatting.


Pattern of Questions

Fill in the blanks
  • This is to verify your ability to hear and fill in missing words in the recording by filling in missing words in the text. Evaluate your listening and writing skills. Read more
  • 30-60 seconds

    Prompt length

    listening and writing

    Skills assessed


    No. of questions

    Required Skills for PTE Listening

    Recognizing indicators

    Verbal instructions that summarize the basic ideas in the speech.

    Draw conclusion

    Use retelling to synthesize from the data provided and draw conclusions.

    Organizing data

    It is important to classify and organize the information you hear.

    Identify explicit details

    Compared with explicit information, inferred knowledge of information.

    Understand language

    Understanding metaphorical language and separating facts from opinions.

    Identifying definitions

    Recognition definitions, examples, summary and key recognition.

    Expert tips for PTE Listening

    • Adjust volume in order to listen to audios clearly
    • Be careful that audios are played once only.
    • Use erasable note pad to note down the point.
    • Be clear and precise with your response. Verify your spellings in Write from dictations.