The listening part is based on the audio clip. Aspriants have to either read some text or hear an audio/video clip to answer accordingly. Total time for this portion will be approx. 45 minutes. For summarize spoken text, you have 10 minutes to jot your points to summarize them. The audio can be played only once so be careful while listening. Be precise and summarize the text in 70 words. Then after you will be given an audio clip to respond to multiple-choice questions. You need to select the most appropriate option from the text, the option you have chosen will be highlighted in yellow. Make sure to have a good command on grammar, vocab, spelling, content making and formatting.


Required Skills for PTE Listening


Recognizing indicators

Recognizing verbal and non-verbal indicators of essential ideas in a lecture summarizing and restating information.


Draw conclusion

Using paraphrase to synthesize and drawing inferences from data given.


Identifying definitions

Identifying definitions, examples, explanations, generalizations, clarification, and emphasis Identifying the vocabulary used in different academic contexts confirming the meaning of content-area as well as general academic words and phrases.


Identify explicit details

Recognizing inferred information as compared to explicit details.


Organizing data

Thinking critically to categorize the information heard and organizing and synthesizing it by using themes


Understand language

Understanding metaphorical language and separating fact from opinion.

Pattern of Questions

Lets here it from the students who were helped by our platform.

Fill in the blanks

It is to check your ability to listen and complete missing words in a recording by filling the missing words into a text.It evaluates both your listening and writing skills.

Expert Tips to pass PTE Listening Section

You can listen to each audio or video clip only once, be careful.
Take notes on an erasable notepad.
You can make adjustment in volume, so adjust it accordingly
Be active while listen, don’t hurry, be clear and sure with your responses.
Expert Tips to pass PTE Listening Section