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The PTE is a computer-delivered exam, which tests the ability of a non-native speaker. PTE exam is designed so meticulously that all the aspects of learning the new language are covered. Among them, a PTE repeat sentence is one of the questions, which tests your ability of how you adapt to the language and how well you understand the language. Studies show that the ability to repeat a sentence tells how an individual is learning that particular language. One can mimic up to 3 to 4 words. But it is really hard to mimic the sentence and repeat it in the exact format if they don’t understand the language. For many aspirants, it is difficult for them to repeat a sentence if they don’t have the right technique. To improve the PTE repeat sentence score, below are some tips to improve the PTE repeat sentence score.

How to Score 79+ and Where to Focus in PTE Repeat Sentence Task!

PTE scoring algorithm will score you based on how well you repeat the sentence in the same sequence. Along with it, it also contributes to the pronunciation and the oral fluency marks in the enabling skills. In pronunciation, it is scored on how well your speech is understandable by most native and non-native speakers. One doesn’t need to repeat sentences the same way as native-like fluency, but it depends on how well you memorize the sentences in the given time. The candidate should also focus on the clarity of the spoken words, which will contribute towards their pronunciation scores. To get started, start practicing with the PTE section-wise practice test to overcome the fear of losing marks. Try developing tricks to repeat the maximum sentence during the exam.

Overcome the frustration and practice with PTE mock tests daily without fail!

Initially, for non-native speakers, repeating 12 to 13 words sentence is quite a tedious task. As a result, this will frustrate a lot of students and makes them feel demotivated. To overcome this frustration, the key is to practice daily and develop gradually your memorizing power for repeating the sentence. Try to remember 4 to 5 words initially and repeat them at a normal pace and with proper pronunciation. With daily practice of repeat a sentence for a half-hour, you will see the change and start remembering more words. Remember, regular practice makes your PTE repeat sentence task much easier and helps to overcome the fear and frustration of the exam. Additionally, one thing you can do to get used to the exam pattern is to give the PTE mock test and adapt to the PTE exam atmosphere.

Listen to the Podcast and YOUTUBE Videos to Make Familiar Pronunciation!

In the PTE exam, the candidate will get the sentence with a different accent ranging from American, British, Australian, or even Indian. So it is of much importance that before going for the PTE exam one must get used to the accent of these speakers. Watching YouTube videos helps to train your brain with a new accent and helps it over the long cause. The other medium which you can use to increase your memory is to listen to the podcast while traveling or going to work. By doing so, you are training your subconscious mind to adapt to the new language. Our detailed study about the PTE academic preparation is been provided on our PTE blog section.

Be smart and remember the sentence in chunks!

It is quite hard for the non-native speaker to repeat the longer sentences. The first baby step for the non-native speaker is to start remembering the sentence in a chunk, in fact for all the students. Look at the example:

Example: The Student Welfare Officer/ Can Help with Questions/ About Exam Techniques.

The above sentence is divided into three chunks, for which you can repeat in exact format. Try to make a habit and as the practice progress, you will find your mojo and be like a pro-native speaker.

Important Tips that Help You to Excel Your PTE Score

FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT”, is a famous saying, which also applies perfectly to the PTE exam. As the exam is conducted over the computer. You can mimic the sound just like the speaker if you were unable to catch the word. It is of quite a high chance that you might get the mark as it is evaluated by a computer. So remember; “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT”.

Don’t forget that enough practice is a must before going for the PTE exam. So it is better to get ready by giving enough PTE practice tests and appearing as much as PTE mock test before the final day.

Key Highlights to improve PTE repeat sentence:

  • Practice regularly of PTE repeat sentence to get you tempo and adapt to the question type. (You can also read the How to get 79+ in the PTE exam?)
  • Watching and listening to the different movies and videos as well as the audios from the different accents across the world.
  • Try not to remember the whole sentence. Divide the sentence into a chunk, which will make your task much easier.
  • Last but not least: “Fake it until you make it”. The sentence explains itself.

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