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Why 79score.com is your Ultimate Destination with all your PTE Exam needs?

Scoring 79+ in a PTE exam is the dream of every student who aims high to explore the ample educational, cultural, and developmental opportunities while studying abroad. However, it is not as easy as it sounds but, with right guidance, ample of practise and a PTE mock test can help you to achieve this dream.

PTE or Pearson Test of English is a computer-based test conducted by Pearson to analyze the speaking, listening, reading, and writing ability of a non-native speaker. The test contains various precisely designed questions that check the competence of an aspirant in the English language.

As the exam consists of a set of four thorough modules, getting through it demands proper guidance and dedication. While the dedication will come from within, 79score.com is right next to you and provides all-inclusive assistance that anyone would ever require to clear the PTE exam.

What all it takes to clear the PTE exam?

The PTE exam is a detailed and comprehensive test that meticulously measures one’s all-around ability in the English language. It demands tons of effort.

  • Effective time management

The PTE exam contains four modules in general and contains various questions in MCQ patterns and essay writing. The allotted time-duration of exam is 2 hours. Now, effective time management is the key to success. If you learned the technique then passing is like a cake else it would be a tough nut to crack.

  • Thorough understanding of the pattern

English seems easy for a native speaker, but it is a tough nut to crack for a non-native speaker as it is a totally new language for them. They need in-depth knowledge to gain expertise in it.

  • Regular practice

To gain proficiency in any new thing, you need to do consecutive and regressive practice.

The 79score.com edge

79score.com is an online platform that helps students and aspirants to come up with flying colors in the PTE exam. As the platform offers all-inclusive assistance, choosing it would be the right move in the direction to fulfill your dreams. Below are the key features of 79score.com that make it stand against the crowd.

  • The user-friendly platform

79score.com is a highly user-friendly platform that guides students throughout the process of learning and achieving success. With its easy navigation and informative widgets, it effortlessly renders the required information.

  • It is a work of art

Each and every aspect of 79score.com is designed by the expert’s hand. The study material, the practice test, the result, and the guidance that 79score.com provides to the aspirants come into being after much conviction of language experts and an eminent educationist.

  • Real-time test experience by virtual means

It is very necessary to understand the real-time exam pattern beforehand to prepare accordingly. The PTE online practice test that 79score.com offers are there to make you aware of the actual pattern of the Pearson’s test. Designed by the best of the industry’s minds, they diligently cover every aspect of the real-time exam and helps an aspirant to outperform in it. I would suggest you to practise on our platform and give multiple PTE mock test  so that you can sit in exam with confidence.

  • It is highly flexible

79score.com operates with the convenience of the aspirant at the pivot. Whether you are a working professional or a student, the platform schedules the test as per your availability and convenience. In addition, the platform’s service packages can also be customized as per the need and want of the aspirants.

  • The accurate and continuous assessment

79score.com not only offers practice tests to hone the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of a candidate in the English language but also does a continuous assessment of their performance. Continuous assessment is equally important as doing practice is, because it will make you aware of your weak points and areas of improvement.

  • The worthy experts’ advice

Experts at 79score.com are highly dedicated to integrating success for the aspirant that is why they provide their experienced and result-oriented guidance over your performance in the practice test. They help you to hone that particular performance area that lags behind. Out of their years of experience, they draft a doable practice strategy for individuals and pave the path to success.


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