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What to Remember while Writing an Essay in your PTE-A Exam?

Ask any PTE Academic aspirant about the most intimidating part of the test and they will tell you it’s writing the essay. The fact that it is a subjective part and needs clear and coherent opinion makes it further complicated. As rightly said by many, writing an essay is an art and needs a strategy. While there is no perfect way of writing a perfect essay, there are a few things one can keep in mind that can help to meet the PTE Academic format. We will give you some of the tried and tested tips here that can surely improve your essay score.

Tips to improve essay writing skills in the PTE-A exam

1. Remember to stick to the right format

As a student appearing for the PTE Exam, it is important to understand that the word ‘Essay’ does not necessarily relate to a lengthy single paragraphed explanation that starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion. A better format to follow is to write the introduction in the first paragraph, use the second and the third paragraph to give arguments for and against the subject, and then save the conclusion (which should ideally be your personal opinion) for the final paragraph.

2. Invest a little time in planning your thoughts

We all know PTE Academic is more about time management than exceptional knowledge. Refrain yourself from starting to write the essay as when the thoughts follow. Instead, take a few minutes to plan your thoughts about the topic and then begin to write. This is a very helpful tip since it avoids wastage of time later when you would get stuck mid-way in your writing falling short of ideas. Most of the PTE coaching offers special sessions on how to plan to write informative and crisp essays.

3. Avoid long and complicated writings

We all know to-the-point and crisp sentences are always much more impressive than long and ambiguous ones that can become vague. Try to write complex sentences that are short and clear in ideas. Writing long sentences without proper punctuation that not just mar the beauty of a statement but also make it sound confusing. Remember you cannot impress the PTE Exam assessors with long sentences but with clear and grammatically correct ones!

4. Ensure that you take care of the word count

One of the blunders that most of the PTE Academic aspirants do is that they do not stick to the word count of the essay which is strictly between 200 and 300 words. Writing an essay that goes beyond 300 words or is less than 200 words is not just considered as a mistake but is bound to affect the final PTE Exam Score negatively.

5. Pay special attention to the introduction and the conclusion

We can link the point that we made earlier here, ‘plan your thoughts before you start to write the essay’. And this will directly affect how you start and end your essay too. The introduction and the conclusion of the essay are not just two integral parts but also two impressive parts of an essay. When you have clear thoughts on what to write, then you automatically come up with a great kick-start introduction and a summarizing conclusion.

6. Write content that is relevant to the topic

Last but not the least; it serves as a good reminder to only write the content that is relevant to the topic. Ensure that you read the topic well, understand it and plan out well before you start to write the essay. If you do not understand the topic well and are confused about your thoughts, you will end up wasting the time whether it is planning the content or framing the template of the essay.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while writing an essay is – it should be in a PTE-specific format. While it is great to Practice well, it is also a great idea to rely on experienced mentors offering PTE coaching such as 79score.com who have years of experience, flawless preparation material, and promise assistance from PTE experts in the various sections of the PTE exam. So whether it is Australia or any other country you are eyeing, 79score.com helps you take you to your dream destination!


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