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8 Daily Habits for scoring well in the first attempt in the PTE Test

We all are aware of the PTE experts around such as, that help the PTE Test candidates with all the Dos and Don’ts of the test, but very few of us are aware of a few simple PTE practices which done daily, can get miraculous results. So if you have made up your mind to take up the much-coveted test, here are a few habits you need to build up to boost your PTE Test Score.

1. Start thinking in English

Yes, you heard us right! Since PTE Test is all about English, it begins with improving the very foundation of the language. While it is definitely helpful to practice speaking, reading, and writing in English, nothing can match the command you will gain on the language once you start thinking or speaking to yourself in the language itself. It can be planning your daily routine or simply thinking about what to speak in a reply, if it is in your mind, let it be in English.

2. Communicate in English with the right people around you

Another easiest habit that you can add to your daily routine is to communicate with people around you in English. Even if you have a rich vocabulary or a deep knowledge of the language, regularly communicating in English helps you to get oral fluency in it and check on the most common mistakes that one makes subconsciously. Choose family members or friends who are often around you and who have a better knowledge of the subject.

3. Read a lot of literature, a lot!

Now that you have started thinking and communicating in English, you need to expand the purview of your language, your vocabulary and its usage and the best way to do so is to read, read and read more. We have heard innumerable reasons to read and its positive effects on one’s mind and thinking ability, scoring well in PTE Exam is another great advantage that should motivate you to read more and often.

4. Maintain a Journal in English

Since the PTE Test is all about reading, writing and listening, we cannot ignore practicing English writing. You can inculcate the habit of maintaining a journal in English. You can choose to write your thoughts, ideas or important events of your life but make sure that your writing skills should help you improve your command over the language so the use of slang and informal language should be completely forbidden.

5. Focus on enhancing your vocabulary

If you Google today, you will find a long list of exercises that you can practice to enrich your vocabulary and that too independently. Use of flashcards, memorizing a set of words or a quick puzzle game, it can be anything that interests you and keeps you in the game!

6. Play memory games

PTE Test is definitely about your knowledge of English but it is also a test of your swiftness, your presence of mind and PTE Exam time management. If you make it a habit to play memory games such as crossword puzzles, what’s the good word, etc., you train your brain to make quick decisions and be confident about them and time management in a PTE test is half the battle won!

7. Indulge in group discussions

PTE Test requires spontaneity and that is where many test-takers fail since they are too afraid to speak in English, even if it means speaking in the microphone inside a small cabin. Indulging in a group discussion with a group of like-minded people is quite helpful in this regard. Having such group discussions will not just polish your language and get you the right modulations but also develop leadership skills and make you much more confident.


8. PTE Practice in front of a mirror

Start your day by talking to yourself while looking into a mirror. When you do so, make it a point to check your body language and make the necessary alterations, have a positive demeanor and give yourself five positive remarks about yourself. Do this exercise on a daily basis and see yourself getting confident and smarter by the day!

While these look like some of the most common PTE Practices you can inculcate in your daily routine, they can have some really rewarding results. For more helpful tips, check

Bonus Tip:

To guarantee your success in PTE Exams it is advisable to give PTE Mock Test every alternative day. As this helps you to buildup concentration and confidence.


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