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3 ways to improve your PTE Listening Score.

PTE Listening is the last section in the PTE exam; tests your listening ability and how well you understand the English language. Before going into the techniques let’s first look at the question types and how they are scored. In the exam, there will be a total of 8 tasks which focuses on testing your different skill ranging from your grammar, vocabulary, and spellings. The PTE Listening section is timed between 45-57 minutes depending on the number of the question set for that particular exam. We will just see the overview of the question type, while the in-depth techniques for each question type will be covered in the upcoming Tips and Tricks blogs. So subscribe for more updates.

PTE Listening Question Types:

Summarize Spoken Text

In summarizing spoken text you will be given 10 minutes after the audio is played. You will have to write a short summary of the audio within 50 to 70 words.

Multiple choices Multiple answers

After listening to audio you have to select the appropriate correct answers from the options provided. Just remember minus 1 mark will be deducted if given the wrong answer. So try to be a little cautious in this question type.

Fill in the blanks

Audio is played automatically and you have to write down the missing words in the blanks. Take notes while audio is played. It is not necessary to write along when audio is playing.

Highlight Correct Summary

The audio lecture will be played, from that student have to select the option which best relates to the clip and summarize the whole audio clip.

Multiple choice single answer

This task is almost similar to Multiple choices Multiple answers where you comprehend ability and logical skills will be tested. In this only one answer is correct and there will be no negative marking for this question prompt.

Select missing words

For this item type, you are presented with a transcript of the audio recording, however, the last word will be missing and replaced by a beep sound. Select the best option that suites that beep sound and complete that sentence

Highlight incorrect words

While audio is played select the words that differ from the original audio script. Select the wrong word by clicking on to the wrong word given in the transcript.

Write From dictation

You will be asked to listen to the sentence and write the same sentence that is been played in the audio. This is the last question type and carries more marks than the other types.

Practice daily and make it a routine

In order to overcome the fear of listening sections in the PTE exam try to incorporate the habit of listening to a daily English news channel or watching the TED talks Youtube videos. Initially, you will feel demotivated and disheartened, but this is a natural reaction as you are new to the English language and trying to adapt to the new language. which will take a bit of time. Believe me, you can notice the change in a week once you follow the routine.

Listen to the Podcast for PTE listening

Podcast really? How Podcast will help my listening score? And many more questions like that. But the podcasts are really a good medium to improve your listening skills and helps to lay the foundation for listening practice.

The key ingredient behind listening to the podcast is that the actual question pattern is almost similar to the environment of the podcast, where the speaker tries to narrate the story on one topic. Try to make the habit of listening to one podcast daily.

PTE Listening to a different speaker with a different accent

We all love watching a movie, isn’t it? What if I tell you watching Hollywood movies will actually help you to improve your listening score. Different movies having a British or American accent will help you to increase your listening ability. Initially try using a subtitle, because some word pronunciation will be difficult for you to understand. But as you make the practice of watching such movies gradually you will develop a habit of watching the movie without subtitle. As the day passes, the un-familiar sound will start making sense to you, and you will get familiar with the conversation.

Movies such as The Social Network, Toy Story, Forest Gump and much more available online which you can watch to improve your listening accent. So enjoy watching a movie and along with it improve your PTE result.

Applying all the technique and developing your skills for the listening section, put it into practice by giving PTE mock tests. Sign up at and start practicing the real PTE mock test.

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