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Expert Suggestions for Those, Giving PTE Exam Second Time

Nothing is more pleasant than to clear the PTE exam on the first attempt. It is a blessing in disguise. However, not every aspirant has that kind of luck. Some fail on their first attempt. Should they be worried about it and drop the thought after initial failure? Well, the answer is a big “No”. Failure is the pillar of success and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You should learn from it and win against all odds next time. However, you should try to avoid making the same mistakes again in order to succeed in the PTE exam’s second attempt.

PTE is one such exam that needs no introduction. Thousands of students from across the world take up this exam to turn their dream of a bright future into reality. Some get success in the first attempt while others are ready to tackle it next time. If you belong to the first category, here our heartiest congratulations to you! And if you belong to the second category then don’t worry this article is just for you. We have gathered some expert suggestions from online PTE experts and real-time students that help you get through it in your second attempt.

Don’t be Overconfident:

If you are a native speaker looking for opportunities to settle in Australia or for further studies in Australia then you need to take up the PTE exam. You will be amazed to know that many native speakers also fail in the PTE exam on their first attempt. The reason is that they take it for granted. They are self-assured about the fact that coming with flying colours is easy as it is in their first language. This is where they go wrong. Being a native speaker is far different from being an expert in a language. Many non-native speakers have a better grammatical hold on English than a native speaker does. So, if you failed in the first PTE exam then this overconfidence could be a reason. Drop it before you gear up yourself for the second attempt.

Avoid Mistakes in the PTE exam

The only way forward to succeed is to learn from previous failures and mistakes. If you have failed in your first PTE attempt then stop making the same silly mistakes and start learning from them. Try to analyze where you went wrong, in which section you scored the least, and what obstacle you faced during the real-time examination. Pondering over these aspects helps an aspirant not to repeat the same mistakes the second time.

Don’t Choose the Busier PTE exam Center

Do you know that the unclear answers and lack of concentration on the audio are the two biggest reasons for the failure in the PTE exam?

PTE is a computer-based exam that consists of four sections: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In the PTE listening section, a candidate has to listen to the audio and write down the exact summary of it. The more accurate the summary is the higher would be your grades. The same case is the speaking section. As a candidate, you have to speak for the described image for about 40 seconds. The clearer the description is, the higher you will score. It is often found that candidates are secure less in speaking and listening sections. The apt reason behind this is the disturbance in the background and lack of concentration. When there are too many candidates around you explaining the PTE read-aloud tasks, recording their answers right, poor concentration, and noisy answers are imperative. Try to choose a less popular exam centre next time. This will surely make a great difference.

Book your exam slot first thing in the morning. Have a good breakfast that gives you complex carbs and sugar and 45 – 30 mins before your exam, eat a protein bar or a sugary drink. This helps immensely to maintain the energy and concentration levels required in speaking and reading sections.

Never underestimate the power of the right tutelage and resources

One of the very common mistakes the PTE exam aspirants make is to consider it a cakewalk. They think English is in their blood and ignore the need of taking proper coaching. If you also did the same thing your first time then kindly don’t repeat this mistake the second time. Get yourself enrolled in online PTE coaching from a trusted resource. Make sure you get ample valuable tutelage, the right resources such as practice tests and continual performance analysis, and around-the-clock assistance. The enlisted online tutor makes a great difference in scoring high in this English proficiency test. PTE can be a tough nut to crack in the first attempt. However, you can make it happen with the right approach and resources. Never take this for granted and hire a reliable online tutor for the right tutelage.

Additionally, the PTE mock test helps you to navigate through the tough part during exam preparation. This PTE practice Test has proven to be a boon for the students who want to achieve their desired score. So, before going for the exam do try out the PTE mock test.

Good Luck!

How many times can we give PTE exam?

PTE test can be taken multiple times, and there is no limit for appearing for the PTE exam. Before appearing PTE test, check your standards for clearing PTE through PTE mock tests and PTE practice tests well for having a good score in PTE Exam.


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