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What Kind of Materials or Resources You Can Use for PTE Preparation?

So, you have to make your mind to take your study or career journey to a whole new level and gain an edge that will place you at the front with the PTE exam. Well done! You have taken the right decision.

But, from where one should start?

How to ensure success in this exam?

What kind of study materials or resources one can use for PTE preparations?

We are sure these questions will be roaming inside your head once you decide to invest your time, efforts, and money in the PTE exam. Don’t worry. We are going to help you at every front. Just scroll down.

  • Refer quality PTE mock tests

The ideal starting point in the PTE exam journey is to figure out the current English competency and compare it with the demanded expertise. Knowing this is crucial as it will decide the further action plan and ensure the success in goal achievement.

For this or any other kind of real-time performance analysis, nothing can beat the worth of PTE mock or practice tests. These tests are based on the actual PTE exam format and give you a chance to become familiar with the exam ecosystem.

Taking the help of PTE mock tests can be a game-changer because:

• They can do a real-time analysis of the test-takers performance and competency and give a direction to the study journey.

• PTE mock tests make the PTE aspirant aware of the test format and master time management. The direct impact of all these is on the score. It improves for sure.

• They help in finding the learning loopholes beforehand and gives the test-taker a chance to work on them.

But, a PTE mock test is going to suffice its purpose and deliver its projected assistance only if:

• It is based on actual exam format

• The analysis is done accurately

• The detailed score and improvement area details

So, make sure that the PTE mock tests that you’re referring have all these qualities. You can also take the help of reliable practice tools for PTE.

  • The Official Guide to PTE-A by Pearson PTE Academic

The next study material that any PTE aspirant should take on board is the official PTE guide. This guide is laced with updated and verified PTE exam content and gives an in-depth understanding of the domain, question formats, and the like. It is a proven way to master the needed English skills and secure anything above 79.

  • PTE Official Vocabulary 2020-2021

A strong vocabulary is a sure-shot way to weave success in the PTE exam and you can enrich your vocabulary with the help of this book. It features an updated list of English words, which are crucial from the exam point of view. As its recent edition was launched in 2020, it will only render updated information.

  • 6 Minute English

To gain native-like competency in the English language and gain confidence to attempt the exam questions correctly, we would suggest you take the help of 6 Minute English. This is a highly informative English podcast, managed by BBC Learning English. Each podcast session lasts only for 6 seconds and yet delivers useful information. At the end of each episode, there is a vocabulary list and transcript.

  • Learn English With Emma

This is a YouTube channel, dedicated to helping non-native speakers to capture the essence of English and understand the common concepts. The focus of this channel is on improving grammar. So, it helps in strengthening out the core of the candidate.

The Final Say

Success in the PTE exam will open up doors of success, by all means. But, it will only happen when you’re coming with flying colours in the exam. For this, you need a bunch of quality study resources. PTE mock tests are in the first place as they can do real-time analysis of prior expertise and spot the learning loopholes.

Referring official PTE guide and other books will surely improve the learning. Podcasts and YouTube channels are also very useful.


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