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3 Easy Steps to Improve Reading and Writing Fill in The Blanks

The ‘Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks’ task in the PTE Academic test is meant to assess the test taker’s understanding of the text. It involves making use of one’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and make accurate decisions with speed.

The candidates are given a text with a few blanks between them. Each blank has a drop-down box that has suggestive answers. The candidates are required to choose the correct answer from the given options that go best with the context & adds meaning to it.

The Scoring Pattern to Improve Reading and Writing Fill in The Blanks

Since there is no negative marking in this task, a candidate does not lose a mark for a wrong answer but is credited with a mark for every correct answer. There are 5 to 6 questions and they contribute to scores of both reading and writing scores.

The only thing that can help one to master this task is reading, reading, and more reading! The PTE practice test comes a close second. The other things before diving for the practice for Reading and writing fill in the blanks is to develop a vocabulary. Additionally, you can use the section-wise PTE practice test to target the reading section to improve your chances of getting maximum marks.

3 Tips to master the ‘Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks’ task

  1. Read the given text in two different ways. First, read the entire paragraph as a whole to understand the theme of the text. The first reading should be done in such a way that you do not have to re-read the text to understand its subject. Second, when it comes to finally fill in the blanks, read one sentence with the blank as a whole so you can understand it better.
  1. Once you understand the sentence, do not jump to conclusions. Use your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and sense of collocations (a group of words that are used together to give meaning) and guess an answer in your mind. Now that you have an answer in your mind, check the options available. If the answer you have guessed matches with an option available in the list of words, congratulations!
  1. However, if you are not too sure about the correct answer, reach out to the options available in the drop-down list, narrow down the options, ticking away the wrong ones. Now choose the option that seems to be the most appropriate among the available options. It is important to ensure that you do not waste a lot of time guessing and re-guessing the correct answer. Since there is no negative marking in ‘Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks’ task, you must not skip answering any of the blanks. You can take the liberty of guessing the answer blatantly even if you are clueless.

Just like all the other sections and tasks, the test takers can refine even this one by taking up the PTE Mock test that are easily available online. One of the trickiest parts of this task is that no specific time is allotted to complete a single question but there is a limited time allotted for the reading section and the candidate needs to be considerate about the same. To manage this time, one can at least appear the full-length PTE mock test before appearing the PTE exam. Also, to implement the above tips before the real exam, the 79score.com PTE practice test will guide you to get a better result.

You can also refer to our general blogs to improve your overall reading score, and which questions you need to work on to improve the scores.


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