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Best Tips for preparing for PTE Exams by PTE Practice Test when you want to study in Australia

Now that you have decided to study in Australia, your next big step is to clear the PTE Academic or the Pearson Test of English. If you think you have a great command over English as a language, so clearing the test will not be a hard nut to crack, you cannot be more wrong. Wait…..we do not mean to discourage you! We just mean to tell you that being proficient in English as a language and scoring well in the PTE exams are two different things and must not be confused.

This is because writing a PTE test is an experience in itself that demands something more than just proficiency in the language. In the article here, we discuss some of the most common and the most uncommon tips to help you nail the PTE exams to study in Australia.

About PTE Academic

The PTE Academic or the Pearson Test of English is a test of proficiency of English as a language that is spread over the duration of two hours. The test is divided into four different parts where it tests four different abilities of an aspirant—reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. A computer-based test has 20 different questions some of which might test two different skills at the same time.

Rigorous preparation and presence of mind while taking the PTE Mock Test and PTE Practice Test, apart from expert guidance, plays an instrumental role in cracking the PTE exam successfully. The exam is accepted by a number of academic programs around the world for study applications. Australia and New Zealand also approve the test for student and migration applications.

Tips to crack the PTE Academic

PTE Academic or the Pearson Test of English remains one of the most recognized English Tests for the purpose of student visa and migration applications across the world, especially in New Zealand and Australia. Some of the clear reasons for the popularity of the test are its unbiased scoring, fast results and incredible flexibility. Here, we give you some of the best tips that will make it easy to crack the PTE Academic to study in Australia.

Tips for Test Preparation

  • The PTE Academic will test a candidate on four different abilities, namely reading, listening, writing and PTE speaking. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to prepare for these entire parameters well, giving them their due importance. One of the most common mistakes made by the candidates is that they tend to ignore a few parameters and give due importance to others considering their personal strengths and weaknesses. It is important to prepare for the exam according to the exam pattern and not as per your individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • While the preparation of the subject is important, the candidates should spend a considerable amount of time practicing sample papers or exam papers of the previous years. One cannot underestimate the importance of a good teacher, a guide or PTE experts like who can help well with PTE Mock Test and PTE Practice Test.
  • Most of the students who have already taken the PTE Academic to believe that it is not just a test but an experience in itself. So, it is a great idea to share the experience with those who have already taken the PTE Exam and who wish to study in Australia. Such students can guide you with their genuine experiences during the exam and tell you how these are different from taking a PTE Mock Test or a PTE Practice Test.
  • Another common slip-up that has been noticed is that the candidates appearing for the PTE Academic do not take the listening test as seriously as they take the other three, not realizing that the marks scored here can make a lot of difference to the overall PTE scores. It makes sense to practice the listening test often and remember an important thing that you get to hear the tape only once!
  • The candidates must make it a point to check the study material or the books that are prescribed by Pearson, the company that organizes the PTE Academic Test. A set of books or study material for the exam is prescribed by the company every year.

Tips for the Test Centre

While preparing for the PTE Test is one thing, preparing for the environment of the PTE test center is a completely different thing altogether! For all those of you, who have never taken this test, remember that the test center is nothing like what you have seen earlier. It is chaotic, confusing, and loud.

Yes, you heard it right! Unlike the quiet and organized exam centers that you might have seen earlier, a PTE exam center will have around 10 different seats in partitioned booths with computers. You will hear noises of the tapping keyboards or the candidates speaking loudly in their microphones in the PTE speaking section of the test from your adjacent booths.

Here are a few tips to survive the challenging environment of the PTE Test Center:

  • To be able to handle the distractions, practice PTE Mock Test or the PTE Practice Test in the not-so-quiet environment. As strange as it may sound, you will only realize its advantage once you are sitting in the exam center. Practicing in a café, with a group of friends or in a public park will program your mind to keep out the unnecessary distractions and focus only on what is important.
  • Another important tip to follow while in the test center is not to rush start the test but take it easy, step by step, starting with the instructions and start only a minute after you hear the other candidates around you start their test. The trick is to let your brain get accustomed to the different sounds around you and then see how focusing on your task gets easier than usual.
  • It cannot get simpler than this. Try and take your PTE Academic Test in the early hours of the day than later for the simple reason that a human brain is very alert and sharp during the early hours of the day than the later. Make every effort to choose the 9 A.M. session than the one in the noon.

And then, the most obvious ones:

  • Ensure you arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before the test.
  • Do not (at any cost) forget to get your ID proof that is acceptable at the test center.

While all these tips are going to make your journey to Australia as a student more simpler, do not underestimate the guidance and assistance of a good guide, a teacher or a PTE Expert such as who have years of experience, resourceful material, and PTE Mock Test and PTE Practice Test that are close to perfect. They make every possible effort to help the aspirants nail the PTE Academic exam.


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