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Which PTE software is best for PTE preparation?

79Score is noted for its comprehensive practice platform designed to make the exam preparation easier and achievable for everyone. It offers detailed explanations for the four modules of the PTE: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. 79Score uses artificial intelligence for scoring and provides a real exam simulation, which is a significant advantage

What is the best platform to prepare for PTE?

79Score is highly praised for its excellent interface and high-quality questions, making it ideal for PTE Academic Exam preparation. It offers a vast vocabulary practice section, recent updates about the PTE, free PTE video tutorials, model practice tests, speaking section preparation with recording, and live chat. Its comprehensive features and positive user reviews make it one of the top choices for PTE preparation.

Why choose 79Score for PTE ?

Advanced Speech Test Analysis:79Score platform’s sophisticated speech analysis tool is a game-changer for students striving to enhance their pronunciation in the speaking module. It provides detailed feedback on pronunciation, helping students build up their speaking skills, which is important  for the PTE.

AI NLP-Based Test Evaluation: 79Score utilizes cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing for test evaluations. This approach aligns with the PTE Scoring guidelines, making sure that the test results are accurate and unbiased. We use cutting Edge AI based technology that simulates the actual PTE scoring system, providing a realistic assessment.

Question Type Wise Test Preparation: 79Score platform offers a comprehensive section-wise test preparation, breaking down the PTE into manageable parts. This method allows for targeted practice, enabling students to focus on specific question types and understand their strengths and weaknesses in each area.

Student KPI Dashboard: The student performance dashboard in 79Score is a standout feature. It offers a detailed and quick analysis of a student’s performance across all critical PTE criteria. This dashboard helps students track their progress effectively and identify areas needing more focus.

Institute Dashboard: For educators and institutions, the Institute Dashboard acts as a central hub for student management and performance tracking. It integrates student data, activity logs, and test logs, providing educators with the necessary tools to guide students efficiently on their PTE journey.

Accurate Evaluation on Strengths & Weaknesses: One of the key advantages of 79Score is its ability to provide an accurate evaluation of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. This detailed analysis helps students understand which areas they need to improve to enhance their scores.

Overall, 79Score’s combination of advanced technology, comprehensive test preparation, and detailed performance analysis tools make it an excellent choice for both PTE aspirants and educational institutions. Its focus on technology-driven, personalized learning ensures that students can prepare effectively and maximize their chances of achieving a high score in the PTE.

The right kind of PTE mock test software can be proved as a real game-changer for a PTE institute as it empowers the institute and makes the learning more robust. However, it is not easy to spot reliable software as only very few vendors offer this facility. Also, one can’t expect wonders from ordinary PTE software. It has to be a cut-above solution.

In this post, we will talk about some key qualities that one PTE software must-have. Pay heed to these qualities as if you are planning to buy PTE software for your institute, it must include all of them.

Top Rated PTE Software – A Must-have Tool For a PTE Institute- Quality over Quantity.

Well Known PTE Software for institutes – 79Score offers one of the best PTE Practice platform with AI that will help enhance your English language skills, practice in a real time online environment, get a prediction of your questions and learn time management and various essential tips to score a better percentage on the real PTE exam as they have long list of Questions.

Ideal PTE software is the one that:

    • Provides a reliable, accurate, and real-time score to the mock tests. With this feature, your software holds no viable as you won’t be able to judge the performance of your institutes.
    • Provides immediate results. A PTE software that takes too much time in result declaration will hinder the learning process and make it too slow.
    • Don’t charge anything extra from students. Your students must have paid the fee already. Now, they won’t like to pay just to view a result or get a performance analysis report. So, make sure that the PTE software that you chose doesn’t ask for any extra payment.
    • Can conduct section-wise practice tests. Such PTE software can provide a more detailed performance analysis. The instructor and the students will be able to figure out which section demands more work. Section-wise PTE practice tests are a great way to save a huge deal of effort and time on performance analysis.
  • Includes the mentor’s comments and suggestions. The software that allows institutes to add mentors’ comments and suggestions make the learning more realistic and result-driven as students will be able to have a detailed performance analysis and will have remedial actions as well.

So, before you make the final purchase, make sure that the PTE software that you have chosen is capable to perform all these actions without fail.

Wait! We did a bit more research and managed to find out one PTE software that has all these qualities. This software is offered by 79Score. PTE institutes that want to make their learning experience a bit more data-driven and result-oriented must grab this software.

It is advanced, easy-to-use, and highly feature-rich. It allows students to perform an unlimited number of mock tests, get verified and quick performance analysis reports, and mock test results within 10 minutes.

Many PTE institutes have already empowered their services with 79Score. Now, it’s your turn. With a cost-effective price and multiple features, it is definitely the best bet that one can ever make on PTE software.

Final words

No institute will be able to deliver a quality learning experience unless it has quality PTE software. 79Score has done a great job at this front. The software offered by this vendor is best in class and leverage learning at every front.


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