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Steps to Improve Oral Fluency and Pronunciation Score in PTE

Looking for ways to improve your oral fluency and pronunciation score in PTE? This article is what you need.

PTE Academic has an entire dedicated section, Speaking & Writing, to check how good a candidate is in English speaking. As English has become an integral part of our lives, many candidates think that they are the expert and they bit and a bit of English.

But, the reality is exactly the opposite. This is why many of the fluent English speakers also fail in PTE Academic. If you’re planning to take this test to fulfill your dreams then read these tips to improve oral fluency and pronunciation skills and score more than 79.

How Oral Fluency and Pronunciation Skills Are Accessed

In the Speaking section, candidates’ oral fluency and pronunciation skills are measured in several ways.

  • Read Aloud– In this question type, the candidate has to speak aloud the given text or words in the correct order.
  • Repeat Sentence– The candidate has to repeat after the recording.
  • Describe Image– The candidate would be given an image and describe it comprehensively. The candidate must understand the image type and talk about its key elements.
  • Re-tell Lecture– The candidate has to re-tell a given lecture just as the recorded content.

Steps To Improve Oral Fluency And Pronunciation

Take the help of tongue twister – Tongue twisters are a great way to get a hold over words and keep the speech clear. Try practicing them as much as you can

  • Keep fillers at bay – We know that using fillers like hmm, umm, or yeah while speaking is very normal. But, these fillers can reduce your score in PTE Academic exam as they clutter the speech and message that you want to convey. Try to find how frequently you use these fillers by recording your speech and analyzing it.
  • Use PTE mock test – PTE mock test servers as a platform where you can become aware of exam pattern, polish learning, and find-out loopholes at once. The more you’ll practice with free PTE mock test, the better hold you’ll have over the subject matter. So, take them on board from the very moment you decide to go for the PTE Academics exam.
  • Listen more, talk more – If you’re not a native speaker then try to listen to English lectures and videos regularly. Talk as much as you can. Try to translate the content into English in your mind when another person is talking to you in the local language. Watch English movies with subtitles and try to repeat the dialogues. The more you will do that, the better would be fluency.

Final words

Our regular English and professional English are two different ends of the same pole. So, if you’re planning to score well in the PTE Academic exam then you must work on your oral fluency and pronunciation. PTE mock tests, English movies, and listening to English lectures will surely help you out.


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