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10 Easy-to-adopt Habits That will Improve your PTE Speaking Module Score Significantly

The PTE Speaking and Writing is the first section of the PTE exam and its duration can range from anywhere between 54 to 67 minutes. The section has a total of seven tasks that need to be completed in the said time.

Just before the section, you will also have to record an introduction for yourself. Even though the personal introduction is not marked, it should be taken seriously since it is sent with the scores to the universities.

The speaking and writing module is an important section of the test and its scores can mean a lot to the total scores of the PTE test. A few good habits and the right way of practicing can go a long way in the success of the PTE exam.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you wish to score well in the PTE speaking module.

10 Good habits to inculcate if you wish to score well in the PTE speaking module

  1. Join a speaking group. It can be online, in your university, community, etc. A speaking group that has students from different backgrounds or has different native speakers is a great help in practicing English as a language.
  2. Other than having a speaking group, you should choose a friend or a family member with whom you can have regular conversations in English. These conversations can range from anywhere between the day to day proceedings or discussions on a specific topic.
  3. Expose yourself to at least an hour of English media daily. This can be in the form of English news, movies, tele-series, or documentaries. Having multiplicity is always better. When you listen to the content, repeat the sentences occasionally after the speaker. This will help you to practice the right intonation and voice modulation in your speech.
  4. Do not just stop at listening to English media, indulge in the habit of reading English passages. These can be in the form of short stories, news articles, or anything that interests you. While reading the content, read it aloud to get into the flow of speaking English.
  5. Practice often by looking into the mirror and talking to you on a particular topic. You will not just gain fluency in the language but will also gain a lot of self-confidence by working on the right body language.
  6. Once you have tried the above-mentioned tips to improve your English, it’s time to test yourself by recording a speech pattern. Use a voice recorder and record yourself talking about a subject in English. When you hear the recording, you will be surprised by the number of improvements you can make to it. Pay special attention to natural habits like adding fillers in place of required words. These will vary from individual to individual. Find out what is it for you and try and check its use.
  7. You might not have heard this one a lot but thinking in English can help you remarkably improve your English. As a natural process, the subconscious mind of humans thinks in their native language. If you can train your mind to think in English, it is like practicing 24×7 and you will be surprised by the improvement you will make in the language.
  8. While speaking fast is not a priority, it is advisable to speak fluently and avoid taking frequent pauses while answering a question in the PTE speaking module. Avoid correcting and re-correcting if you have said something wrong in the answer since this will directly affect the limited time you have on hand.
  9. Work on your voice modulation and speak as naturally as possible. Stress at the right places and work on your intonation. Remember you should sound like a human and not a robot.
  10. The clarity of words is an important aspect to keep in mind while taking up the PTE speaking module. So remember to open your mouth as you speak every word. Recording a clear word is important; it should not be mumbled or whispered into the microphone.

Remember, to prepare for the PTE Academic, you just need to have the right direction; there is no dearth of study material. There are YouTube videos, there is easily available content on Google, and then definitely there are PTE mock tests and PTE practice tests to help. The free PTE mock test with scores will guide you with the preparation and gives you direction on your preparation. The scores of the mock test are generated within 10 minutes of giving the exam. The PTE mock test which is free will give you a real-time environment during the exam preparation, so you don’t get any last time surprise during the real exam.

Following the above-mentioned tips will you help in moving in the right direction for your PTE preparations.


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