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Tips to improve PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary

How good are your English listening skills? Well, you can find out once you attempt the PTE test. One of the exam sections, PTE Listening, has been specially designed for this purpose. If you are planning to take this English proficiency exam to become a step closer to your dream then this article is what you must refer to.

Here, we’re going to share some of the tried and tested tips that you must use to improve your score in PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary score. But, before anything, let’s know this section in a better way.

The Nuts & Bolts of PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary Section

PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary is the part of the PTE Listening section that aims to access the listening and reading skills of the aspirant. Here, the candidate would be given the task of listening to a recording and choose the paragraph that summaries the recording most aptly.

30-90 seconds is the ideal prompt time allotted for each section. The scoring is done based upon your ability to choose an accurate summary. No credit will be given for no or wrong response.

Tips That Will Help You Score Better

  • Don’t rush into things. Try not to read the option while you’re listening to the recording. Doing this will only confuse you. Also, you may note down some of the key information of the recording.
  • Try to write down only the key terms of the recording while recording is playing. Look for some specific information such as numbers, names, addresses, etc. Keeping track of these key terms will help you make the most accurate choice.
  • The audio would be played once. There is no second chance. So, listen to it carefully.
  • Practice a lot. The more you will practice, the better understanding you’ll have about the question pattern. PTE practice tests are a great way to practice perfectly. With their help, you can measure your preparation journey and fabricate remedial solutions.
  • Make the right choice by paying attention to the key terms mentioned in the summary option. The one which seems more relevant to the audio is likely to contain some key terms. Try to match your notes.
  • Don’t get confused as some of the options will seem very much similar to each other. But, there would be a slight difference for sure. Try to find that difference. Try not to fret and remain calm while making the right choice.
  • Start with excluding the one which is mostly irrelevant to the recording. This makes finding the right option a bit easy.

Be a top-scorer with PTE mock tests

PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary is a part that you can’t ignore. By being a little attentive, using free PTE mock tests, and playing skillfully, any aspirant will be able to score high.


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