Tips for highlighting incorrect words in PTE Listening
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Tips for Highlighting Incorrect Words in PTE Listening

The Listening module in PTE A test gets a little challenging as it requires one to concentrate and focus in a very noisy and confusing ambiance. The task of highlighting incorrect words aims at assessing both the listening and the reading skills of a test taker. So there is a lot that is expected from them in this section.

And that is exactly where practice makes all the difference! But having a few tips for the trade can also go a long way.

So here are a few tips that can help you perform better at the task of highlighting incorrect words in PTE Listening.

Tips to perform better when highlighting incorrect words in PTE Listening

  • When practicing for the PTE Listening section, make sure that you are practicing with a variety of accents and different speaking speeds. And a simple way to do so is by practicing a wide variety of sample questions; take up a PTE practice test and PTE mock test.
  • We all are aware that PTE test centers have a very noisy ambiance due to the nature of questions asked in it. So it will only make sense to practice in a similar kind of environment.
  • Do not stop at every word that you miss listening; this will take up a lot of your time. You may read this article which will help you with time management in PTE listening.
  • Highlight an incorrect word only when you are very sure about it or else skip that.
  • Do not make any hasty changes to your choice of highlighted words after the audio has ended. Change them only when you are very sure about your mistake.
  • The PTE Listening task is one of those tasks where taking notes will not help so avoid dividing your focus in taking any kind of notes. What you must do instead is listening to the audio attentively and focus on moving the cursor on the transcript simultaneously.
  • You have to stay focused while appearing the highlight incorrect words, as listening and reading simultaneously you can lose your track, you will end up wasting a lot of time and effort which will affect your overall scoring and listening score as well.
  • As there is negative marking, you should try to avoid the word which you are not a hundred percent sure, or else it will adversely affect your overall score. Although this question type is easy to score, sometimes it can lower your score if you take it lightly during the exam.

Do always remember that practice is the only thing that takes you a long way and helps you to achieve your desired score. You must appear PTE full-length score mock test or the section-wise practice test to target individual questions to overcome any problem if you have any. For the PTE mock test with evaluation you can contact our team if you require any help for understanding the latest features that are added to our platform.

FAQs Related to Highlighting Incorrect Words

How can I accurately highlight incorrect words in the PTE?
Practice active listening with diverse English content. Focus on discrepancies between spoken words and the transcript. Click on words in the transcript that don’t match the audio.

How to avoid negative marking in “Highlight Incorrect Words”?
Be selective. Only highlight words you’re certain don’t match the audio. Guessing can lead to unnecessary point deductions due to the negative marking system.

How can I identify the maximum number of incorrect words without missing any?
Sharpen your focus on the audio and read along closely. Improve your vocabulary and practice with various accents to catch subtle differences.

How to enhance my dictation skills for PTE?
Listen to English audio and practice writing what you hear. Start with slower, clearer pieces, gradually moving to faster, more complex conversations.

How can I quickly spot incorrect words in the PTE listening task?
Develop a strong vocabulary and understand common phrases. This knowledge helps in quickly identifying words that out of context.

How to get better at understanding different accents for PTE?
Expose yourself to English spoken with various accents through movies, podcasts, and news channels. This diversity will aid in better comprehension during the exam.


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