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Tips to improve PTE academic Summarize spoken text

Do you know that can’t speak a language well if you don’t have good listening skills? Summarize spoken text is one of the skills in the exam which tests your listening ability.

Yes, it is right. Our speaking ability is directly proportional to our listening ability. That is why PTE test has a separate section dedicated just to check the candidates’ listening ability. It is very important for students or professionals, willing to study or work outside their country, to pass this test. PTE or Pearson English Test is a skill testing test that measures the English proficiency of the candidate.

The exam is divided into three sections:

  • Speaking and Writing.
  • Listening
  • Reading.

Listening section of this exam checks the listening ability of the candidate via Summarize Spoken Text, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, fill in the Blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Multiple Choice, Single Answer, Select Missing Word, Highlight Incorrect Words, and Write from Dictation types of questions. Out of all these, summarize a spoken text is the main section which tests your core listening ability.

What do you need to do in Summarize spoken text?

In this section, the candidate will listen to the audio for saying about 80-90 seconds. Once the audio is played, the candidate has to write everything that has been listened to. This section basically clubs listening and writing skills. The summary has to be writing within 50-70 words. Your score will be calculated on the basis of accuracy and relevancy of the summary to the audio. So, basically, you have to sum up the audio in most precise form.

What are the major mistakes candidates make in this section?

Though the task seems easy from the surface, it is not in reality. Candidates fail big time to score well in this section because of these common mistakes:

  • Students exceed the word limit.
  • Fail to summarize spoken text the main point.
  • Write an entire summary in capital letters.
  • They submit the texts without a cross check.

All these basic mistakes can be taken care of our experts’ tips.

One task at a time

You will be able to summaries the audio well only if you will listen to it well. So, make sure you first focus to listen properly and then write properly. Doing both the things at the same time is like sailing in two boats at the same time. This leads you nowhere.

Try to capture the essence of the audio

While you are listening to the audio, make sure you are capturing its essence right. It is highly recommendable to take note of some keywords for future references. Note down the important details such as name, numbers, and nouns in the audio. These keywords will help you to write an accurate and appropriate summary.

Draft the response that covers the main idea of the summary

As we have already mentioned that the biggest mistake that candidates make while writing the summary is text without the main idea, make sure you create your draft on the main idea. Make sure your draft is grammatically correct and to the point. It is often found that a candidate tries to summarize the text words to words and this leads to their downfall. If you try to score big then don’t do this.

On the same note, it is suggested that you should try to write in simple sentences and use simple vocabulary. Hefty vocabulary and complete sentences are not welcomed here with open arms in the test. The simpler is the sentence the easier it is to understand and this is what fetch you good marks in the test.

Distribute the time correctly

You have got only 10 minutes and these 10 minutes are more than enough provided you distribute the time correctly. We would suggest you that listening to the audio and take notes for 80-90 seconds, give around 30 seconds to recall the idea, draft a response in 4 minutes and rewrite the review the main response in for next 3 minutes.

Re-check before the final submission

Make sure you re-check your final submission. Check whether the final response revolves around the main idea or not, word choice is correct, there is no spelling mistake and you have used the right tense and grammar. This final review helps you to spot out any mistakes and increases your grades.

Practice makes anyone perfect

No matter how many strategies you make to score good in the test, they all are not going to work properly if you don’t practice in a real-time environment.  PTE mock practice test is a great way to be familiar with the real-time test exam pattern.  You will learn to do time management and perform well.


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