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PTE Write from Dictation Tips

PTE Write from Dictation is a section in the PTE listening exam where a candidate needs to listen to a particular dictation and then write the whole phrase/sentence.

In general, this section has 3-4 questions. There is a time gap of 7 seconds before each audio. As you will hear the sentence only once, concentration is the skill that this section demands the most. To score big in this section, one has to write exactly the same as that of the dictated sentence. Does it sound tough for you? Then we are here to help you out. Buy some time to gauge over our experts’ tips for PTE Write from Dictation that will help you score high in this section.

One thing at a time

There is no time limit specified for answering the question in WFD. That simply means you can focus on one thing at a time. One of the biggest mistakes that students commit in the PTE exam is to type and listen simultaneously. The best thing to do here is to listen to the audio carefully and then proceed. Once you will hear the audio carefully, it will imprint in your mind and you will be able to write it down properly.

Don’t test your typing skills here

You may be a good typist. But, it is not a good idea to testify here. It is always better to write and then type. That means firstly write that exact sentence on your erasable notepad and then type it carefully.

Use the scratchpad to the fullest

In the PTE Write From Dictation section, the candidate has to type the answer on the computer. To increase the accuracy of the answer, you will get a rough scratchpad as your answer sheet. Here, candidates can write their answers, again and again, make changes, proofread it numerous times before the final submission. This scratchpad is like a blessing in disguise and you should just overlook it. Use it to the fullest before submitting the answer in the final response box.

The shorthand could be a great friend here

If you know shorthand then you write easily as the audio plays. It will help you to capture the exact sentence without wasting more time. Once you capture the audio completely, you can type the complete sentence in the final response box. Even if you don’t know shorthand, you can create your own short form for some basic words. For example, instead of writing ‘today’, you can simply write ‘2day’. Similarly, you can create your own short word vocabulary to capture the audio as it plays.

Don’t forget to review the final answer

A final check is always good. So, it is suggested to review the final answer before the submission.

Never overlook mock tests for PTE Write from Dictation

PTE Mock test helps you test your learning in the real-time world as they have been designed as per the pattern of the actual PTE Write from Dictation exam. It teaches you about time management and helps you improve your concentration.

Scoring big in the PTE exam gives you hope for a bright future. These tips for PTE Write from Dictation exam will help you to ace your final score and open up the doors of numerous opportunities. Good Luck!


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