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Nail The ‘Select Missing Word’ Section (PTE Listening) with These Tips

PTE Listening is a key section of the PTE exam that aims to testify the English listening competency of the candidate extensively. In this section, the skill is assessed via multiple means.
One of the means is the ‘Select Missing Word’ section. What it is and how you can ace this section; all these and many such related queries will be answered in this post. So, stay glued.

Select Missing Word – An Overview

In this section, the aspirant has to listen to a recording carefully and select the right option of the mission word. At the end of the recording, there would be a beep. Your selected option should be the appropriate replacement for that beep. The recording is generally 20-70 seconds long.

The entire exam contains around 1-2 Select Missing Word type questions. Each right answer fetches you one mark while there is no negative marking for a wrong answer.

How to Nail the Select Missing Word Section?

The overview might give you the impression that this section is not a tough trail. But, the reality is different. You have to be attentive and cautious while choosing the final answer. Also, each mark takes you a step closer to success, a better job, and a myriad of opportunities. Here are some tips that can help you ace this section.

  • Listen carefully
    The audio would be in native English. For non-native speakers, the ascent can be a bit problematic. So, it is important that you listen carefully. Just listen. Don’t try to take notes. This will only create confusion and drift you away. Try to find out the context of the audio.
    Pay attention to what it is about and try to capture the key phrases that will help you choose the right answer.
  • Keep an eye on the timer
    The beep comes at the end of the recording. You need to be extra attentive when beep comes so that you can come as close as possible to the right choice. This is why you must keep an eye on the timer as well.
  • Read carefully
    Sometimes, all the options may seem the right choice. But, they are not. You need to make the right choice and for this paying attention is important. Try to find out the relevancy of the options to the recording. Look for the hints that connect both the options and recording and then make a wise choice.
  • The practice is the key
    No tips and tricks will help you if you haven’t practiced enough. Continual practice makes you understand the concepts and help you have a better hold over them. So, try to practice as much as you can before the final exam day.
    You can take the help of podcasts and practice tests for this purpose. They both are a very viable way to hone your listening skills and secure passing grades in the section.

Final words

Having 79+ in the PTE exam can be proved a life-changing event for you. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can surely ace in Select Missing Word Section of the PTE exam and pave the path for further success.


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