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15 Common Questions Related to PTE Speaking and Writing Section that All Aspirants have in their Mind

If you have plans to study or work in Australia, PTE Academic can be your magic pill! While any part of the test can give you goosebumps, the speaking and writing section especially raises a lot of questions.

Here are the top 15 frequently asked questions for the PTE speaking and writing section:

15 FAQs – PTE Speaking and Writing Section

  1. Are speaking and writing two different sections?
    No, Speaking and Writing are covered under one section.
  2. What is the total duration allotted to the Speaking and Writing section?
    The Speaking and Writing section is approximately 54-67 minutes long.
  3. In the speaking task, should I speak fast to score more?
    Not at all! By speaking fast, you cannot impress with your fluency but you can rather lose points if your words will be unclear because of the speed. Try to speak steadily so you sound clear both in your thoughts and in your words.
  4. If I take more time to answer in the speaking section, will I lose points?
    When you take more time to speak, you are subsequently left with less time for other tasks. So eventually, you will lose points because of a lack of time. Time and Talent are equally important for the PTE exam.
  5. In the ‘repeat sentence question’, how will I be marked if I miss a word?
    Without a doubt, it is better if you can repeat the sentence exactly! But if you do miss a word, try and maintain your fluency without getting affected by the word you have missed.
  6. How much will my accent affect my score in speaking?
    Your accent will not affect your score. You just have to speak clearly if you wish to score well in the speaking section.
  7. Is the ‘personal introduction’ that forms a part of the speaking and the writing section scored?
    No, your introduction won’t be scored at all. But since it is sent to the universities together with your PTE scores, you must take due care when performing in that.
  8. Is it possible to replay the audio once it has been recorded?
    No, the audio recorded cannot be replayed. Also, it is possible to record audio-only once.
  9. Will it affects my score if I am not able to answer within the word limit?
    Yes, the score will be affected negatively if you are not able to keep up to the word limit. Aim to write within the word limit.
  10. I have often heard about the confusion at the PTE test center, what is it all about?
    At the PTE Test Centre, there will be different partitions that will separate the test takers. Even though the test takers are separated, they are not disconnected from each other. You will hear a lot of noises, especially during the speaking section.
  11. How can I prepare myself for such an environment?
    The easiest way is to take your PTE mock tests in a similar environment with several noises around. Avoid practicing in a peaceful place. When doing so, practice to pay attention to your task and cutting out all unnecessary noises.
  12. How does the recording of a question works?
    The recording of a question is just played once. You will be given a few seconds to brace up before the recording plays.
  13. In the ‘Re-tell lecture’ am I expected to repeat the lecture verbatim?
    No, you are just expected to represent the entire structure in your own words.
  14. If I miss the introduction or the conclusion in the essay, how will it affect my score?
    There is a particular format that needs to be followed in PTE Essay so it is important that nothing is missed or scores get affected.
  15. Will the use of complex sentences and fancy vocabulary improve my score?
    It will be impressive to use fine vocabulary and complex sentences but not always. Remember to keep it simple where you can.


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Got even more queries? Ask us. Comment here or send us your queries directly. We will try to help you out with your concerns at the earliest.


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