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Most Common Mistakes that Reduce PTE Academic score of Aspirants

Have you ever felt the ordeal of knowing it all in an exam and yet losing points because you made some silly mistakes?

It’s the most frustrating thing that makes you guilt-ridden… Right?

But when it is a PTE Academic exam, it’s more than frustrating…

…It can cost you your scores!!

So before you appear for one of the most rewarding tests of your life, here’s a list of 10 silly mistakes to watch out for that students often make in the PTE Exam.

Top 10 Stupid mistakes Aspirants Make in PTE Academic – Learn what to Avoid

  1. Do not use an unnatural accent to speak
    One of the worst mistakes the students make is to try to speak in an unnatural accent to match the one in the recordings. Remember to sound natural and clear. That is all that matters.
  2. Do not mumble while speaking
    If you will mumble while speaking, your answer will not be recorded clearly and unfortunately, you will not be marked as well. So remember, clarity of speech is very important.

  3. Do not speak too fast
    Reinforcing the same fact again, ‘clarity of speech is very important in PTE Academic.’ we strongly recommend not speaking too fast (or even too slow).

  4. Do not speak before the microphone starts to record
    The exact time when your microphone starts and stops recording will be flashed on your screen. Make sure to speak only within that time.

  5. Do not give a pause longer than 3 seconds
    A pause longer than 3 seconds is as good as speaking in a microphone that is not recording! This is because the microphone will automatically switch off after 3 seconds once the speaker stops speaking.

  6. Do not fail in keeping with the word limit
    Your score will be affected if you fall short of or exceed the word limit that is specified in a question.

  7. Do not ignore the negative marking
    There are some questions in the test that have negative marks like ‘choose multiple answers’. Carefully answer such questions as any wrong answer will directly affect your score.

  8. Do not forget your punctuations
    This one goes without saying! You cannot afford to forget punctuation in an English test.

  9. Do not skip using the notepad
    Do not underestimate the benefit of using a notepad and a pen that is provided to the students. It can be especially helpful in questions like ‘re-tell lecture.’

  10. Do not forget to proofread your answers
    Remember no one is perfect! Once you have written an answer, make a habit of proofreading it once to check any kind of errors—it can be grammatical, structural, or simply relating to punctuations.

Practice makes a man perfect so, you can avoid mistakes by practicing with mock and practice tests. Signup now for PTE practice.

Now that you know about these mistakes, hope you won’t make them in your PTE Academic test. Will you?


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