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How to Maximize Your Score in The PTE Academic Speaking Section?

The speaking section of the PTE Academic assesses ‘fluency’ and ‘pronunciation’ of a test taker. It would not be wrong to call both of these important pillars of English as a language. It is not wrong to say that you can easily achieve perfect 90 scores in speaking if you are prepared with proper tricks for the exam. The speaking part is also contributing your score for listening as well, so you need to well prepared for this section.

While it is not easy to master a language in a day, there are some techniques that one can use to crack this section. Please note, you can always develop your technique to tackle each question type according to your targeted score.

It is always better to do PTE Practice with PTE scored mock test and PTE scored practice test before actually jumping into the preparation mode. Gauge your performance and highlight in which question you need to work out, before actually preparing for it by giving the PTE score mock test.

Here are a few tips you can use to crack the speaking section:

Read Aloud

The read-aloud section of the PTE Academic speaking section aims at testing a candidate’s natural speech that is formed by putting together the sound and flow of the language.

Since the candidate is required to speak into the microphone, the tip here is to read out the text as one would speak to a friend. It is not important to have the same accent as a native English speaker but the words should have a similar rhythm and melody as in the language of a native speaker. The score of read-aloud is also contributed to the reading section as well. So, try to maximize the score which can indirectly benefit your reading section.

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Describe Image

In this section, a candidate is required to describe an image such as a graph, map, chart, etc.

It is important to be aware of all the basic terms and fundamentals related to such images. Only then can a candidate describe them well. The idea is to simplify the data given in the form of an image and present it using simple terms and phrases. It is important to mention here that a candidate cannot do much if he does not have the basic knowledge of the subject. So, there is no substitute for having academic knowledge when it comes to this section.

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Re-Tell Lecture

You must practice speech and pronunciation for this section but at the same time, remember not to pay too much attention to the content.

The tip is to pay attention to the keywords of the content that form the gist of the content and note them in the erasable pad. Then use the same keywords to rebuild the content in your own words.

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Repeat Sentence

For this section, the candidate should either comprehend the meaning of the sentence or have the capability to remember most of the words. It is important to know the meaning of most of the words in the sentence so the candidate can reconstruct it with more or less similar words portraying its meaning. This question type carried more marks than any other question type in the speaking section. This will also contribute to the marks in the listening section. If you want to maximize the Speaking section score, then you need to perform well in Repeat sentence question.

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Do remember, you can easily target your score in the speaking section if you are well prepared with the strategy. Additionally, you should try to implement these techniques by performing the PTE practice test, which helps to guide you through the process of achieving your desired score. For the PTE practice test, you can avail the section-wise practice test by logging in to the system.


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