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PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks Tips

In PTE reading fill-in-the-blanks task, the question type is drag and drop. You need to choose the correct word and fill into the blanks. In the PTE mock Test or in actual reading exam, you will get up to 4 to 5 paragraphs of fill in the blanks question. The PTE reading fill in the blank’s paragraph length can be of 80 to 90 words having 5 to 6 blanks in it.

How Do you Score 90 in PTE Reading Fill in the Blank?

For every correct answer, you will get 1 credit, and for incorrect answer 0. There is no negative scoring for this question type so choose even if you are unsure about the answer. To gain knowledge about the scoring you can opt for the PTE mock test with AI-based evaluation at with the real-time environment.

Superb Strategy for PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks!

To tackle this type of question type, grammar is a key factor for success. PTE Reading fill in the blanks questions depends upon how well you understand the paragraph, sentences, grammar, and relations between different parts of the speech. Also, how familiar you are with the common native English language usage? The other important things are the collocation and a good pool of vocabulary. Collocation will help you to fill the gap with ease without much fuzz. Also, a good set of vocabulary will make your work easier if you are familiar with the options and know where to put the word. However, just knowing the vocabulary and grammar will not come to rescue. Understanding the sentence structure and proper collocation will be the boon. The other benefit of having good grammar will boost the score of summarizing written text, Write from dictation, PTE Describe images and mostly all other question types. fill in the blanks mock test provides the perfect environment to enhance your English skills and develop your mindset for the PTE exam.

Skimming Techniques to Tackle the Long Passage!

This technique will also help you in Summarize written text. Skimming a long paragraph and highlighting only the required information will save some precious time in the PTE reading exam. Reading just one sentence before the blank will give you an idea about the option to choose the correct answer. Once you have filled in the blanks, review the passage with the blanks filled in. It should make logical sense. If you feel that there is a word left in the pool which is incorrect, then try changing it to the best fit. The proper practice with the PTE mock test will help you to master these techniques. It is very much important that you give enough time practicing for the PTE mock test. You can also read our article on how the PTE Practice test helps to achieve your 79+ target in the real PTE exam.

Additional Tips for PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks!

  1. Eliminate the wrong options to maximize the chance of a correct answer.
  2. Don’t spend more than 2 minutes on one question.
  3. Use collocation techniques to choose the correct answer.
  4. Search for the missing part of speech to choose the right word for the gap. Always understand the context of the sentence before choosing the word. For instance, hearing and listening infer different meanings.
  5. Develop good vocabulary to help rescue in a difficult situation when new words come for options.
  6. Adapt skimming techniques for the long passage to save time in reading the PTE exam.



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