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5 Last Minutes PTE Test Tips for Scoring High

People who have taken the PTE mock test and taken it successfully say that PTE is not a test, it is an experience. Can it get any truer than that?

The popular PTE exam is more about performance than it is about preparation. Even if you have had the best preparations with the right PTE test tips, materials and loads and loads of revision and practices.

if you get nervous at the last moment, you have lost it all! So, we are about to give you a couple of last moment tips to get it all right.

Tips for high scoring in PTE-A exam

Take the test in the earlier slots than the later ones

We all are aware of the fact that human behaviour is the most active and agile during the wee hours of the day. As the day moves towards the afternoon; both the body and the mind tend to get less productive as well as less responsive. Take advantage of your brain activity when it is at its peak in the morning before it declines in the afternoon.

This small trick will help you stay active even by the time you make it to the PTE listening section of the test (and that is also where you need it the most!). So, taking your PTE test in the morning slot around 9 AM is a better idea any day than taking it around 12 PM in the afternoon.

Expect a noisy and a chaotic test room

It would not be wrong to say that surviving the test environment is half the battle won when it comes to the PTE test. If you are planning to take the much-hyped test, be prepared to take it in a test room that is noisy, loud and chaotic. Yes, you got us right! The PTE exam centres are nothing like the usual ones you must have experienced—quiet, organized and peaceful. Instead, they are just the contrary with the candidates speak loudly in their microphones in an attempt to sound clear and concise during the speaking module.

The other major distraction is the sound of keyboards tapping that can get really distracting and frustrating when all you are trying to do is to focus hard on your test. Do not get carried away by all the noise and chaos, focus on your test and speak out loudly and clearly on your microphone so it gets registered easily without an error.

Practice and prepare in a noisy place

As crazy as it may sound, try and practice a few sessions in a noisy place to get used to the environment that is expected in the PTE test room. Even though it might sound funny at first but you will definitely observe the difference when you finally make it to the test room. Such practice will help your brain to focus only on the relevant information and cut out on all the irrelevant noise and chaos around.

Do not just jump start with the speaking section

As tempting as it may look, do not just immediately start the PTE speaking section or to be precise, try and not be the first one to start the speaking section.

When you are the first one to begin the speaking module in a quiet test room, you will feel completely distracted when others start the test and there’s noise around you. Just on the contrary, if you wait for others to speak first and then start with your module. Your brain will get habituated to the environment and you will not be distracted by the noise around.

Exam day before the Practice with PTE Practice Tests

Don’t take it as fun. give it like a real exam.

You will instantly get your practice test scores, after a number of hours.

PTE Practice tests are often quite difficult than real PTE test. So, albeit you get less scored in Practice test says 45, don’t ever get demotivated. Because we’ve seen many students have scored 79+ each even after scoring 45-55 on an average in their PTE practice test. The PTE practice test is the best and one thing you’ll do just one day before the real exam. Because it will make you go through the same test situation and therefore, the next day you’ll be more prepared for the important test.


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