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How can I Introduce Myself in the PTE Exam?

PTE  Personal Introduction is an unscored part of your PTE-A exam, yet it is very important. Why so? Let’s understand.

What is PTE-A Personal Introduction?

Your PTE exam starts with Personal Introduction in which you will be asked to introduce yourself in a few sentences. They will provide you with sample questions as well, that will help you frame your introductory speech easily.

The screen of the personal introduction will look something like this.



You will have 25 seconds to think and process what you are going to speak when the microphone opens.

You will have 30 seconds to speak about yourself and impress the admissions officer. Yes, the admissions officer! Because as though this recording is not going to fetch you marks but it will be a deciding factor while you are applying for university admissions.

PTE Personal Introduction audio file will be sent to the admissions officers of colleges and universities that you are applying to. Hence, you must seize the opportunity to impress them.

How to Introduce Yourself?

You can answer 2 or more questions from the list that you saw above. But make sure your response covers all the basic details like Your full name, Country and the main one! The objective of appearing for Pearson Test of English.

Also, if time permits, you can talk more about your interests.

The sample draft can be as follows:

Hi, My name is John. I am from Australia. Currently, I am working as an Educational assistant, but I would like to pursue my MBA from a foreign university that is why I am appearing for Pearson Test of English. Apart from that, in my free time, I love to watch Football.

I hope all the doubts related to Personal Introduction are clear now. So, brace yourself and give a very confident response. This is mainly to get you the momentum of the exam. For more we also provide free PTE mock test check out now.

All the best!


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