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    PTE listening Tips,  PTE Listening Tricks

    Tips to improve PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary

    How good are your English listening skills? Well, you can find out once you attempt the PTE test. One of the exam sections, PTE Listening, has been specially designed for this purpose. If you are planning to take this English proficiency exam to become a step closer to your dream then this article is what you must refer to. Here, we’re going to share some of the tried and tested tips that you must use to improve your score in PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary score. But, before anything, let’s know this section in a better way. The Nuts & Bolts of PTE Listening Highlight Correct Summary Section PTE Listening…

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    PTE listening Tips,  PTE Listening Tricks

    Improve PTE Listening Fill in The Blanks Scores

    There are about 2 to 3 questions that are based on the ‘Listening-Fill in the blanks’ format in a PTE Academic test. For this reason, how well you understand this section and how well you score in it will largely affect your final score in your Pearson Test of English Academic. In this task, a text is displayed on the screen and its corresponding audio is played on the microphone, only once. The text has about 5 to 7 blanks and the candidates are required to fill these with the correct words while simultaneously listening to the audio.

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    PTE listening Tips,  PTE Listening Tricks

    3 Ways to Improve your PTE Listening Score

    PTE Listening is the last section of the PTE exam, which tests your listening ability and how well you understand the English language. Before going into the techniques let’s first look at the question types and how they are scored. A total of 8 question types are there in the PTE Listening section. It will test your skills ranging from grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. You will get between 30-43 minutes depending upon the number of questions you get on the exam day. Let’s see the overview of each question type and how they will contribute to your overall and enabling skills marks: PTE Listening Question Types: Summarize Spoken Text In…