Common Questions while Appearing in PTE Academic Exam during COVID 19 Time
Covid-19: Information for PTE Academic test takers,  PTE Tips

Common Questions while Appearing in PTE Academic Exam during COVID 19 Time

The whole world is struck due to the pandemic of COVID 19, and it has largely affected the lives of people. The lives of people are starting to get back to normal with many cautious steps. If you are preparing and planning to appear PTE academic exam during the COVID, there are few things you should keep in mind to schedule your exam.

  1. Are the test center across the world has opened for scheduling the exam?

According to the Pearson, majority of their Pearson Professional Centers (PPC) have opened across the world. As a result, candidates can book their exam as per the availability of the test dates. However, in some centers, it will depend on the local authority to monitor the situation and let centers be operational. So always check your email and the notification from the Pearson on the updates for cancelation of the test. Additionally, some centers are run by the partners of the Pearson are yet to open. You can check the news about the opening of the center from the official Pearson website.

  1. Is wearing a mask is mandatory for appearing exam during this period?

As per the Pearson guideline, wearing the mask while appearing the exam is compulsory across all Pearson Professional Centers (PPC). Without a mask, you will not be allowed to appear for the exam. Please make sure that you are bringing your mask, as centers will not provide any masks at centers. For centers that are run by the partners of the Pearson, it will depend on the management of that center whether to allow a candidate to appear for the exam. You can contact the particular centers for information about the rules for wearing masks. The notification on the wearing a mask is published at Pearson site

  1. How many students are allowed during the exam in COVID 19 in the exam hall?

There are strict rules for following the social distancing to conduct the exam by the government authority. As a result, there are a few numbers of bookings allowed during one sitting. At Pearson Professional Centers (PPC), there is should be at least one person gap between two candidates during the exam. Also, there is less rush at the exam centers, as people are still waiting for situations to get normalized. Talking about the partners who are running the Pearson test centers, it depends on them. However, they are also following the same rules as there are strict norms from the local authorities on social distancing.

  1. Which type of mask should I wear during the PTE academic exam?

As the wearing a mask is compulsory while appearing for the exam, the question comes which type of mask should candidate wear. There are no rules on which type of mask should be worn during the exam. However, your nose and mouth should be fully covered with any type of mask, which you are comfortable with. While appearing for the exam, one should wear a surgical mask, which is disposable after the use. As a wearing surgical mask, your voice can come out clearly as compared to other homemade masks or the N95 mask. So, always try to wear a disposable surgical mask to less effect your voice during the exam.

  1. Will wearing a mask during the PTE exam will affect my speaking scores?

Yes, it is going to affect your scores of speaking during the PTE exam. As the mic is ultra-sensitive, it picks up the surrounding noise, the voice from your mouth is not going to be very clear due to the mask. Pearson has mentioned on the website, that the mask is surely going to disturb your voice quality. If you have already booked your exam for the coming weeks, you can cancel or reschedule your exam without and charges. You can call the Pearson support center and ask them to reschedule or cancel your exams. If in case it is an emergency for you to appear for the exam, you can appear the exam by wearing the Surgical mask, which is the best mask, as it will reduce your effect for lowering the score in Speaking. Below is the guideline provided by the wearing of a mask and how it is going to affect your speaking score.

  1. Do PTE practice material and PTE mock tests are available during this period?

The PTE practice materials and PTE mock tests are provided by the Pearson as well as the third-party vendor, so, there are no restrictions on any online activity by the government. If you are planning to appear the PTE exam in the coming 2 to 3 months, then this is the best time to prepare yourself with the help of online PTE scored mock test. During this period, you will get ample time to prepare and work on your weakness and be ready for the PTE exam. One way of preparing is to opt for the online PTE score mock test and PTE practice test. Also, if you are weak in any particular section, then PTE scored section-wise practice tests are available. After appearing these PTE scored mock tests at website, the results are generated within 10 minutes. The PTE mock test available at will give the real-time environment with the actual scoring aligned with the official scoring. Along with the result, our system will provide you the suggestion to improve on areas, where you need to work based on your targeted score. So, don’t waste your time, just sign up at our platform and start preparing with the 1 Free PTE scored mock test provided by us.

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