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Here’s Why you must clear your PTE Exam before Australian Borders Reopen

The Australian border is about to reopen for international students soon; meanwhile, students dreaming of studying in Australian universities must start their preparation to achieve a good score. The PTE academic score is reflective of your English language proficiency. It will be based on your performance on all items in the examination.

The Pearson Test of English Academic can be booked 24 hours (or before) prior to sitting in the test. Therefore, it makes the best way for students to enter Australia.

If you think we are right, you must start assessing your skill levels by finding top-notch practice questions and major PTE test questions while rummaging over the internet. Ensure that at least 4-6 weeks of preparation requires cracking the PTE exam by clinging to a continuous study plan.

Let’s get into details to make you learn why we are saying so.

Why is it the appropriate time for taking PTE academic test?

Australia doesn’t open its borders for international students till now. However, the Australian government is currently working on a solid plan to simplify things for students. For the student/temporary visa holders, the path to return to the country will probably open soon.

PTE academic test is a key to get a visa and admission to Australia and its universities. As enough time has left for border reopening, it would be necessary to start its exam preparation to clear it within one chance.

If you dream of studying in Australia, it would be a top-notch time to consider it. Moreover, as Australian Airlines is planning to resume international travel after October 2021, when the vaccination is enacted in the entire region, you must improve your chances of entry through the PTE score.

About the PTE Exam and Tips for Aspirants

PTE academic test is a prolonged 3 hours test of writing, speaking, listening, and reading. It assesses you via 20 diverse question formats that range from MCQ to essay writing, and finally, explanation of information. The dreadful thought of the PTE exam will never overpower your positivity if you follow these secrets, such as assessing your proficiency level, stop doing solving questions immediately, and reassessing yourself.

However, being the first entirely computer-based English language proficiency exam for international migration and study, PTE academic gives a facile and expeditious solution except for any human bias. Therefore, you need to follow the inevitable strategies like:

  • Practice well as per the syllabus and use mock tests to check how are you doing;
  • Carefully go through the PTE guidelines as well as COVID-specific rules.

Thus, with these necessary strategies in mind, you can successfully clear the PTE exam. The Australian borders are reopening for students and immigrants. Therefore, if you have passed the exam before landing in Australia, it will be beneficial for you to get hassle-free admission to your dream college.

Why is PTE Academic Exam crucial?

Are you desirous of studying in your dream place, Australia? Countless reasons are there to study in Australian universities. However, transferring there for availing top-notch education will not be easier. One of the significant challenges to overcome is high proficiency in the English language. Aspiring students need to clear PTE academic test. After a required score in the examination, they will get the eligibility in order to get the approval of their visa applications.

High PTE scores are mandated for various renowned institutions. The Immigrant Government of Australia implements the level of proficiency. Being the officially accredited language, English is required to carry out day-to-day activities.

Therefore, at least a cut-off mark is needed to get admission to your preferred college and give wings to your career. However, as Australia closed their international borders for all the students since 20th March 2020, it will be beneficial for you to prepare yourself today for the upcoming exam to get selected quickly after the reopening.

Concluding words

Well, the Australian border can reopen within a few months, and it would be helpful for you to remain one step ahead in order to choose your dream university. To get an admission, one must have a valid PTE score. After that, they can apply! Well, it is significant to clear your PTE academic test before the border reopens as there will be no hassles of getting a student visa.


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