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10 Tips for PTE Reading Section – Your Key to Score High in PTE

The PTE Reading section is one of the most interesting modules to attempt and also the most scoring. If you can work on a few pte reading tips, you will notice how it can get more interesting and seamless to answer the questions from this section.

10 Points to work upon, to ace the PTE Reading section:

    1. Read often
      Inculcate a regular reading habit. This will be particularly helpful in the Fill in the blanks module. Reading often gives exposure to different kinds of words, their usage, and word patterns that help to guess the correct word.


    1. Read the dictionary
      The habit of reading a dictionary often could help you a lot in your PTE Exam. You can start by learning one new word every day and subsequently increase the number when you feel comfortable.


    1. Read short paragraphs on variable subjects
      You can practice for the ‘Multiple choice questions’ by reading short paragraphs here and there, and then try and answer a few questions that might relate to the passage.


    1. Practice comprehensions
      Another easier way is to practice comprehension passages from different books. Remember, this will need active reading skills since you need to answer the questions that follow.


    1. Scrutinize the incorrect answers
      Go through your incorrect answers. You will see a pattern, identify it, and rectify it. For instance, in the ‘reorder paragraph’, if you can spend some time checking what went wrong with your answers, you will recognize a pattern that will eventually help you get the correct sequence.


    1. Use time management skills
      Manage your time well. Fix a time limit you must spend on different tasks and work accordingly. Remember that clearing the PTE Exam is all about the right management of talent and time.


    1. Practise grammar
      Remember you cannot do it without working on your grammar, whether it is the reading or the writing module. Most of the time, it is the basics of grammar that you will need to work on but it will be essential for good results.


    1. Understand punctuation
      From Vocabulary to grammar, it is finally the use of correct punctuation that will matter. Do not look confused… we know we are talking about PTE reading tips and not writing! But understanding the use of punctuation at the right places will make it easier to understand the meaning of a sentence too.


    1. Practise speed reading
      Other than mindful and active reading, spend some time in speed reading to become a fast reader. It will be of great help in the long run.


  1. Use an elimination strategy
    Finally, use the elimination strategy. This means, cross out all the answers that you are very sure are wrong. Then pay all your attention to the ones left to find the correct answer.

Further, practicing with good materials will give you the best chances of scoring high marks in the PTE Reading section. You can attempt just PTE section-wise test, which will be evaluated to improve your scores. Once you get comfortable with all the sections, you can start attempting the PTE mock test which is same as real exam from PTE to top notch your preparations.


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