Comparison between PTE and IELTS

Comparison between PTE and IELTS


PTE stands for ‘The Pearson Test of English’. It is a test that is meant to examine and certify the proficiency of English as a language for non-native English speakers. It was launched in the year 2009 by Pearson which makes it the latest entrant in the field of such English Proficiency tests. The test is accredited by QCA in association with UK’s largest examining body, Edexcel.

In terms of utility, IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is also just like the PTE. This test is also meant to examine and certify the proficiency of English as a language for non-native English speakers. It is a standardized test that was established in the year 1989. The test is jointly conducted by IDP Education and the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Structure and content of the tests

The structure for both PTE and IELTS is the same. They are divided into four different sections namely, Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing.

There is a difference in the way the candidates perform in these tests. For instance, in the speaking section in IELTS, a candidate is required to make live conversations with the examiner (which are recorded as well). But in the PTE test, a candidate is required to speak in a microphone and the same gets recorded in a computerized system.

Use of technology

IELTS is a completely paper-based test that makes use of charts, diagrams, and graphs in the writing section.

On the contrary, the PTE test makes use of technology and innovative techniques in the writing section. The test is completely computer-based.

Time duration

IELTS has a slotted time for each paper and PTE has fixed time for each section. While the candidate can move both forward and backward in an IELTS test, they can only move forward in the PTE test.

Scoring model and Results

While PTE has an automated scoring model, the question types have integrated scoring models. Most fo the question type scores are integrated into other modules as well. For Eg: the score of the Speaking section Read a loud question is contributed to both speaking and reading module as well.

While on the other hand, IELTS uses a manual scoring model. The scores are given for the module on which you are answering. Every four modules are scored individually. Additionally, your speaking is conducted on the sperate day than your actual exam.

In the case of PTE, a candidate is graded in the band of 10-90 which is score automated. Pearson has developed an AI-based automated algorithm for checking all of the four modules. The result is divided into two parts; Communicative skills and Enabling skills having various factors involved in overall scoring. The chances of errors are less as there is a system placed for checking each question type.

While for IELTS; a band of 0-9 is used, and the papers are checked manually by humans. For the speaking section, you will have to appear in front of a human and your answer will be recorded. There are chances of mistakes, as the evaluation is done by humans, and also bad spelling can ruin your writing marks even if you have written correctly for the exam.

Since PTE is a computer-based test, the results are made available to the candidates online within five working days. The IELTS scores are posted 13 days post the test.

Materials for the Practice purpose

The candidates appearing for the PTE test make use of free PTE practice tests and free PTE mock tests, where there is ample material available for it. For PTE scored mock test you can always rely on the platform, where we provide the actual environment just like to real test. You will also get the result after completing the mock test along with the areas in which you need to improve. Additionally, you can target individual sections by practicing the section-wise practice test for the PTE test and get the scores as well for those tests. If you required the free PTE scored mock test for free PTE practice, you can visit our website and avail that for the practice.

While the candidates appearing for IELTS rely on the IELTS mock test and practice test, which you can avail in the form of books that are available on the market. It is a paper-based test, you will have to practice on your handwriting and your spelling as well.

In conclusion, if you want to choose between the PTE and IELTS in terms of the difficulty level, then you can always count on PTE to score well in the exam As there is less chance of any human error in evaluating your exam. Apart from that, in terms of difficulty level, you can easily achieve perfect 90 in PTE, but it is impossible to achieve perfect 9 bands in IELTS. So “Which is the best exam PTE or IELTS?”, the answer will always be PTE till now.


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