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PTE vs IELTS which is better for Australia? and why students choose PTE?

When it comes to English Language Proficiency Tests, the PTE Academic and the IELTS are the most coveted ones around. PTE stands for Pearson Academic Test of English and IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.

Both the tests are required by the aspirants who are willing to move to countries where English is the native language. It can be for visa purposes or to get admission in one of the universities there.

However, with time PTE is becoming a preferred choice over IELTS whether to take admission in top universities of Australia or for the Australia immigration PR process. And there are clear reasons for the same. The article discusses more such reasons.

Why PTE is preferred over IELTS?

Even though both the tests of proficiency of English language are highly regarded, it has been noticed that PTE is a preferred choice of several student candidates willing to take admission in top universities of Australia.

  1. It offers a lot of flexibility to student aspirantsOne of the topmost advantages of the PTE exam is the flexibility that it offers to the students to appear in the test. The students can appear in the exam 363 times a year and it is available at 200 different locations all around the world. Just on the other hand, examinations such as IELTS offer limited attempts to the aspirants.
  2. It is a completely computerized testThe PTE Academic is a completely computerized test that involves no human involvement, whatsoever. This does not just make it much more convenient for the students to take up the test but also ensures that the results are completely fair.
  3. Quick Automated Results save a lot of time for studentsAsk any student what is the most important thing for them and you will get a unanimous answer—Time! The PTE Academic test is the most prompt when it comes to announcing the results. The candidates get their test results within a maximum of five business days. This leaves the student candidates with a lot of time to meet other commitments and prioritize other things in life.
  4. It is latest, innovative and uses technologyPTE is not just popular with students looking for admissions in top universities, but also with aspirants of the Australia Immigration PR process. The test is the latest, innovative, and uses the best technology from end to end. This makes it a popular choice for MBA programs and in Visa application centres.
  5. The test environment is quite friendlyTaking a test of English can be an apprehensive task, especially for a student who is new to the language or is a non-native English speaker. But PTE being a completely computerized test eliminates any human involvement and makes it easier and comfortable for the students to face the test. The test environment is quite friendly as it does not involve facing an examiner.
  6. Accessibility to more PlatformsWhile in the race of achieving good scores to target top universities, we always urge for a platform that helps us with exam materials, makes us understand the concepts for improvisation and, a place where we can perform more PTE mock tests with answers to practice and know our stance. And PTE is one of such exams, where you get several platforms that provide a candidate with all such benefits.






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