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The Best Microphone positions in PTE

PTE can be your golden ticket towards success. Once you clear this exam with high merit, there is no stopping for you. You can touch the sky of success, get admission to the university of high esteem, and make big on a foreign land by simply clearing this exam. However, to make it through is not a cakewalk. With extensive modules, this exam tests your English competency in speaking, writing, reading and listening skill areas.

Though all these modules come with their own set of difficulties, speaking is considered the toughest. The reason being is it tests your real-time expertise in the English language while others are based on conjectural learning.   

More Information on Speaking Section

In the PTE Speaking section, the candidate has to read aloud the given text, repeat the text, describe the given image, re-tell the lecture, and answer a few questions.  To attempt all these questions, you will be given a microphone. You would be using it to submit your answers.  So, apart from your performance, microphone quality, its position, and your competency in using it also play an important part. 

It is often found that candidates fail to understand its importance and use it very casually. This approach can cause a downfall for you.  Here, we will explain how you can avoid it and come up with flying colors in the PTE exam.

Microphone position – What importance it holds?

As the PTE Speaking section is all about submitting your answers in voice command, your microphone holds the greatest importance here. When we are talking with humans, they will tell you whether you are talking too low or too high. But, this is not the case with computers.  They will record whatever you are saying without giving your inputs about it.  You should make sure that the microphone is in the right position. If it’s too close then it may cause some interference and it can skip a few words as well. It will also lead to air puffs in the recording and your answers wouldn’t be too clear.

On the other hand, if you had placed your microphone too far from you then you may need to speak a little louder or your microphone will record background noises. In both of the cases, you are going to score low from your expected score.

Do you want that?

Of course, not! No candidate would like to lose just because of a poor or working microphone position.

So, what’s the ideal position of the microphone?

Well, if you want the computer to record clear and disturbance-free answers then the best microphone position in PTE is to keep it 2-3 cm away from your mouth.  Additionally, it shouldn’t be just in front of your mount as well.  It should be situated on a little side. Also, it shouldn’t be just right in front of your nose. In that case, it would be recording more of your breathing rather than your sound.

What mistakes people do while using a microphone?

It’s not you that used the microphone wrongly in your PTE Speaking exam. There are so many like you and most common mistakes that they make are:

  • Keeping the microphone just in front of their mouths.
  • Start submitting the answers before testing the microphones.
  • Placing the microphone just under your nose.
  • Not choosing the right PTE Practice online. If you are choosing the right one then they will provide you proper tools and assistance and help you score big.

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