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Summarize Written Text PTE- Guaranteed Results- Updated Tricks 2024

PTE summarize written text is always been a notorious topic when it comes to the PTE writing section. Many times we come across the student, who always gets demotivated because of the Summarize written text. Summarizing 200 to 250 words passage into 70 to 75 words seems a tedious task and that too in 10 minutes. Phewwwww Stiff Mountain to climb isn’t it? Don’t worry, stay till the end and you will feel like “A walk in the park”.

Firstly, let’s look at what Pearson scoring algorithm is asking from the test-takers to get full marks.

Your response must be between 5 to 75 words so check the word count using the ‘Total Word Count’ counter below the response box. If you write fewer than five words or more than 75 words, your response will not be scored. This is the official instruction from the Pearson website which needs to be followed strictly.

Your response must be expressed within one sentence, so you will need to use a complex or compound sentence to be able to summarize the main point of the passage and also briefly mention the supporting detail.

No of question: On exam day you can get 1 or 2 such questions.

Most of the students get scrambled in PTE summarize written text tasks due to a lack of understanding of the English language. So, for this, you just follow the tips to get 79+ score.

Tips to Improve PTE Summarize Written text

The question type itself asks to write down the summary of the given paragraph. So, the summary includes only the key points from the question. Just remember to paraphrase the paragraph in one complex or compound sentence with only the key point included in it. The success mantra to this question type is practice. It requires lots of practice to put this method to omit unnecessary information and jot down the main idea. By practicing with our free PTE mock test, you will be able to complete the task perfectly. The scored mock test and scored practice test will help you to gain a deep knowledge of this question type.

Bonus tips for PTE summarize written text

Simplicity is a mantra to achieve everything in life, the same goes for the PTE summarize written text. The simpler the sentence is; the lesser you are likely to make the mistake. Writing a more complex and compound sentence attracts grammatical and structural errors. So, avoid using no more than 3 commas in one sentence, because it will be hard to manage the sentence in proper structure with correct grammar.

Pro tips to improve the summarize written text:

To write the complex or the compound sentence, connectors are the glue to join the two sentences. Remember this connector will help you to give a proper grammatical structure to your sentence which will make sense while reading. The general connector used for constructing the complex or compound sentence is listed below:

  1. For
  2. And
  3. Nor
  4. But
  5. Or
  6. Yet
  7. So

Here are some highlighted points that you should keep in mind while attempting the summarize write text tasks.

  • You don’t need to define the speaker’s name and date of a full paragraph.
  • You just understand the whole paragraph and define it in your words.
  • Also, you need to keep practice to improve the understanding level of the English language.
  • Use complex and compound sentences to fetch high scores in this task.
  • In this task, linkers and transition words are also very essential for joining two and more sentences together.
  • Keep in mind, where to apply capitalization and punctuation appropriately.
  • Use synonyms and antonyms words instead of copy the paragraph sentence in your response.
  • It’s a tedious task, so keep eyes open while reading the whole paragraph.

Quite hard to remember, isn’t it? Here is a cool way to remember – FANBOYS. Try to practice with these connectors in PTE summarize written text and see the magic unfolding as you practice.

Last but not least, to be in shape for the Summarize written text, practice every day with the proper exam environment. Practicing with the advantage of mock tests will help you to sharpen your skill of PTE summarize written text.

Always remember, gaining theoretical knowledge is not going to benefit you while giving the real exam. So, it is necessary to be prepared with enough practice with the PTE practice test to improve your section marks. If you are looking to improve your overall scores, you can opt for a full-length with AI based score PTE mock test to overcome your weakness.


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