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What is the impact of Enabling Skills on your Overall PTE Score?

PTE is one exam that is famed to put a wide range of skills under strict tests and validate a candidate’s competency. Enabling skills, while they are not part of the exam structure, plays a crucial role in deciding the overall PTE score.

What they are and how these skills impact the candidates’ scores are some questions that we would try to answer in this post. So, if you are a PTE aspirant and dream to come up with flying colours in the exam, stay tuned.

Enabling Skills – Role and Significance in PTE Exam

PTE is a machine-scored exam. Some of the exam items are scored based upon the exactness of the answer while others are evaluated on the basis of the formal aspect along with the quality of the response.

Whenever the quality of the response is measured, enabling skills are tested. In this way, the PTE score is divided into communicative skill score and enabling skills score.

The enabling skill score demonstrates the test-takers’ improvement areas and how easily one can pull out the communicative skill score. These skills are scored on a scale of 10-90. This can be explained as an examinee may have good English listening skills but lacks believability in spelling and vocabulary.

This will lead to the usage of incorrect words and wrong spelling in the PTE exam. Due to a lack of proper enabling skills, the candidate will be scored as a poor listener.

Similarly, one can be a good speaker but fails at using intonations and correct pronunciation, when compared to a native speaker. This will lead to poor scores in the speaking section.

Ignoring the enabling skills score will narrow down the English improvement opportunities.
This will, in return, impact the overall PTE score.

These skills are the indicators of test-takers productivity in the writing and speaking section. The vendor tries to measure these skills in grammar, oral fluency, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and written discourse section.

Here is a detailed explanation of all these six sections:

  • Grammar- Appropriate use of language wherever word formation and word order are concerned.
  • Oral Fluency- Use of effortless, un-hassled, and natural paced speed delivery.
  • Spelling- Following the spelling rules while writing the words. Also, the use of one language spelling convention is followed throughout.
  • Pronunciation- Producing speed sounds understandably.
  • Vocabulary- Using the right kinds of words for expressing meaning.
  • Written discourse- Producing accurate and effective written language at a textual level.

Ways to Improve the Enabling Skills Score

Online PTE practice tests and appropriate study materials are the most viable way to improve the enabling skills score. 79Score is the dependable service provider of both these categories. Its PTE practice tests allow a learner to testify its learning in an actual exam simulation environment and determine the loopholes before the actual exam day.

Ending Notes

Ignoring the enabling skill score is the biggest mistake that any PTE test –taker could ever make. Take the help of 79Score’s PTE practice test to identify your grounds and strengthen them before the final exam day.


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