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How to Perform Well in PTE Written Discourse?

PTE is not a cakewalk. It gives many sleepless nights to the aspirants. Well, all thanks goes to its detailed structure. It is so meticulously designed that native speakers also have to face a tough time to crack it. Out of all the sections, PTE written discourse is the one that gives jitters to the aspirant. It tests your comprehensions and writing abilities at every vertical, being an expert of these two qualities is itself a tough job. Performing well in the exam’s tense situation doubles-up the stress. Anyways, we are here to help out in this. Before we move any further, let’s be more familiar with PTE written discourse.

What is written discourse?

Written discourse refers to the skills such as logical development, use of linguistic resources, and internal coherence of the sentence used to churn out the exact meaning of the written text. To make it simple, we can say that it refers to the appropriateness of your written text in the given context, meaning and logical sequence of your text, the structure of the sentences, word linking, punctuation, use of vocabulary you use to write the text, and accuracy of grammar used in the text. This is a part of the PTE written section wherein all these skills are measured through the description of an image, paraphrasing, essay writing.

How to perform well in PTE written discourse?

Coming up with the flying colors in the written discourse is highly grueling. As it demands your attention on so many things at the same time, you struggle hard to score well. Nonetheless, it’s time to trim down your struggle a little bit with our expert tips.

Understand the depth of the topic beforehand

The very prominent way via which your written discourse ability will be tested on the PTE exam is essay writing. You will be asked to pen down an essay on a certain topic. Here, the first thing that would be noticed is how relevant your essay is to the topic. The rest of the things come afterwards. So, make sure you get the essence of the topic right. Try to read the topic again and again and find out the answer to the question such as: how well you are aware of the topic, what is the key information you know about the given theme and is your knowledge about the theme trustworthy!

Frame the structure carefully

Once you are done with the topic analysis, it’s time to pay attention to the structure formation. Your text should follow the standard structure pattern. It should have an introduction, two main body paragraphs with reasons, and a conclusion. If your text is missing any of these parts, then be ready to settle with a low score.

Pay attention to sentence structure and punctuation

Consider this example using simple sentences only.

‘This is a zoo. Many animals stay here. It is open on weekends also. There is a boating facility.’

How does it sound?

Are you interested in reading this?

Well, I can it sounds pretty boring.

Now let’s have another example using compound clauses.

This is a zoo which is home to many animals. The zoo has a boating facility that makes it a major tourist destination even on weekends.’

Is it interesting to read? Yes, of course, it is. When it comes to sentence formation, variation is the key. Try to use compound and complex sentences, use the right punctuations, and play with the clause structure. All these things make your text interesting and engage the reader.

Choose your words wisely

When you are writing down an exam, try to stick with only formal words and tone. There is no place for casual vocabulary. Use academic words and keep jargons and slangs aside.

Let yourself analyzed regularly

Practicing alone is not enough. If you are thinking that you can score big in the PTE exam with a practice test with no evaluation or real-time tutelage then you are heading in the wrong direction. Your practice sessions should be monitored. You should be aware of your weak points. All of this can be done only if you hire an online tutor from a trusted resource. The online coaching from will help you understand the proper exam structure and your standing in the scenario. This way you can perform better and score well.

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Happy PTE exam writing! : )


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