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3 Weeks Exclusive Guide to Get your Desired Score in PTE Academic

We are going to bet you that if you follow this 3 weeks exclusive guide schedule, you can definitely get your desired score in PTE Academic.

And if you followed our steps and didn’t get the result, revert us and we will personally help you with your areas of concern.

Week 1 – PTE training and Introduction

Day 1: Start with the PTE Introduction and scoring details. (You can find this on our platform in PTE Knowledge section on left side menu after you log in or signup)

Day 2 & Day 3: Start PTE Speaking section with Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, and Describe Image question type.

Day 4 & Day 5: Understand Retell-Lecture and Answer Short Questions. Additionally, practice Repeat Sentence as well.

Day 6: Practice your Describe Image and Retell Lecture with the help of template if you are not able to score high.

Day 7: Practice the speaking scored practice test to check your overall week progress.

Week 2 – Score booster points for PTE exam

Day 1: Start PTE Writing section with Write an Essay and Summarize Written Text preparation. Follow these steps to enhance your essay scores.

Day 2: Start preparation with PTE Reading’s Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks and Reading fill in the blanks. Try to work on the collocation list to improve the blanks scores.

Day 3: Reorder Paragraph, all the Multiple-choice single and multiple answer questions. Additionally, you can practice the Essay and Summarize written text as well.

Day 4: Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks, Reading fill the blanks, and Reorder Paragraph.

Day 5: Read aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Retell Lecture, Answer Short Question, Write an essay with the help of a template. (Devote 10 minutes to each task.)

Day 6: Give the Speaking, Writing, and Reading scored section wise test for the tracking of the performance.

Day 7: Start the Listening section with Summarize Spoken Text. (You can follow the same techniques as Retell-lecture). Listening fill in the Blanks.

Week 3 – Last minutes tips and strategy for PTE

This is the last week of your preparation, where you can see improvement in your scores if you give the scored section wise test.

Day 1: Start your week with question type which is very critical to get your desired score, which is Write from Dictation. (Try to attempt all the question if you want to score high in Listening and Writing section). Additionally, start with Highlight incorrect words that are easy to score.

Day 2: Finish with all the multiple-choice single answer and multiple answers, select missing words along with the highlight correct summary and choose the correct answer question type.

Day 3: Start giving 2 PTE full length scored mock test in a day and go through the Analytics to check out your areas of improvement to get your desired score.

Days 4: Work on the question type which is highlighted in the Areas of improvement and again give 2 Scored mock test to see your improvements.

Day 5: Work on the question which carries more marks, such as (RA, RS, RWFB, WFD, LFIB, HIW). You can refer to our PTE knowledge section for your reference.

Day 6 & Day 7: Just give mock tests and practice tests on this day. Don’t try to develop any techniques which you are not comfortable with. Trust on your preparation, be confident on your exam day. Remember to get a good sleep before the previous day of the exam.

Best of luck with your exam day. Do share your experience if this has helped you with the preparation of the PTE exam.



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